Sunday, October 18, 2020

My $24 Motivation

I've renewed the annual subscription for my blog page twice since my last post. Since I really dislike wasting money (even if it's only $12 a year) I figured I would use the $24 as my motivation to post an update. It would be great if running was my motivation but alas... it is not.

Since my London Marathon recap (posted in May last year) I moved from Florida to Indiana. I'm about to head into my second winter in the Midwest and the teenager is making her way through her second year of university... 

Since I've been here I stopped loving running (or maybe it stopped loving me?). To be honest, the issue isn't that I don't love it anymore... it just got hard. And so I stopped running as much as I used to, and it gets harder to go back to it the longer I've been away.

I came here for a great job opportunity and the thrill of experiencing all four seasons. The job is stressful but (most of) the people are great and the four seasons (especially winter) are amazing... 

There isn't much going on in the college town where I live (apart from the fact that it is a "college town"). I'm not a college football fan so nothing about the university here really impresses me... but I guess that would be true anywhere. I spend most of my weekends with my BF exploring a variety of things the Midwest has to offer (as much as the pandemic allows) and, now that the season is here, reading & relaxing while he watches college football.

I still try and spin on occasion. I don't have a Cycle Bar close to me but fortunately my complex gym has a spin room...

I also invested in my own spin bike because I know once winter hits leaving the warmth of my apartment to workout decreases in probability. I've loved winter so far... but heading out at 0500 in negative degree weather to workout is just insane. 

I also hope to resuscitate my running regime next year. I have a few things I want to do fitness-wise before I get back into the stress and expense of marathon training. I also want to see how things unfold for bigger races next year. Until then I'm focusing on increasing my baseline fitness level from disastrous to decent.

As for blogging... I'm going to do my best. I've missed posting and interacting with readers and other bloggers. But I would be lying if I didn't acknowledge the peace associated with being off of most social media platforms. This year has been difficult and posts/news/updates have been challenging to view. Being able to stay disconnected in many ways was a gift, and being able to selectively resurface/reconnect was a blessing. 

Who knows what the next 2.5 months of the year will bring. I hope if you're reading this it will bring you health and safety. And, if I don't post again before then, I'll see you (maybe at a race?) in 2021.

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