Sunday, October 25, 2015

New Decor and *Random* Updates...

I decided to change my medal display and showcase my race bling a little better...
There are 5 medals that didn't "make the wall" because I didn't buy enough Keys. I need to get at least two more (and eventually run more races) so that all the medals can be displayed evenly on each side of the marathon plaque. The Chicago Marathon photo plaque came in the mail yesterday and that's kind of what sparked the whole medal redisplay project...

*I'm going to run another race in Chicago next year and keep that as an annual tradition. I already have 2 years of Chicago running in the books (2014 was the Zooma Chicago 1/2; 2015 was the Chicago full) so it just makes sense to continue. I was initially looking at doing a Spring or Fall half marathon, but then I came across this...

Ever since I heard about the Ragnar Relay series (which, to be fair, was only earlier this year) I've wanted to do it. And to do my first one in Chicago would be a dream come true! When I started looking into the event I did what most runners would do: I joined the Facebook page and started searching for teams. I finally found one and joined so it's official: 
I'm doing the 2016 Chicago Ragnar Relay!!!!

*In the meantime I'm also thinking about adding "complete all the races in the World Marathon Majors series" to my bucket list. It won't be done during one season obviously (with my risk for injury that would just be craziness). But over the course of a few years I think I can start checking these races off my list, with the eventual goal to complete them all...

*I was having a brief conversation with a colleague at work the other day and she asked me "Why don't you find a different hobby since you get injured so much?". After the necessary eye roll I said...
Then I tried to explain all the reasons why running was more than a "hobby" for me. She still didn't get it but that's ok because you know what? not everybody will. 

*In other breaking news... the Color Run creators have finally come to their senses and added a finisher medal for their participants (so naturally I've signed up)...
The race will be the true definition of a "fun run" because it's the week after Disney so there will be no attempts to run "fast"...

*This morning I decided to go to the gym instead of going running. I walked for a bit yesterday and I'm going to try and run tomorrow, so today I did the Stair climber and lower body weights. Trying to figure out the training plan for the rest of the year has been a challenge because I have to balance the "rest for 4-6 weeks" instructions from my orthopedic surgeon with the "I have two half marathons remaining for this year" reality. Plus I have a half in January so it's not like training stops after the Reggae half on December 5th. 

I'm trying to focus more on cross training and do shorter runs (if I feel like I have to run) so that I can keep my endurance up without overdoing it with high impact activities. However, in order for that plan to work I actually have to do the cross training right? Sadly I'm having an adverse reaction to getting out of bed and going to the gym at 3am to swim (or do anything). This morning I reset the alarm 5 times before I finally got up at 7am. It's starting to become a real problem.

I am really really really going to try and get it together for this upcoming week. I already know my work schedule is going to be busy this week, so if I don't do my training activities in the morning they are probably not going to get done (and I just can't afford for that to happen).

How has your week been? Any recent or upcoming races?

Have you ever done the Color Run?

Have you ever done a Ragnar Relay?


  1. That is such a cool marathon plaque, the new decor looks really well! All my bling is tucked away in a box, but after seeing your picture maybe it's time to start hanging them on the wall. You should make a pact with yourself to try and run at least five of those races... I'm thinking of maybe doing the Berlin Half next year, and possibly a half in London..

    1. Thanks! You really should display yours!! It's such a big accomplishment and seeing them brings back memories of the events :)

  2. I love your medal-wall! That is so inspiring! If 3am is too early and 7 too late...have you tried 4, 5, or 6? LOL! Try not to be too hard on yourself, it is clear you are doing AMAZING!


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