Monday, April 25, 2016

The Best Kind of Support

One of the cool things about being a ZOOMA Race Ambassador this year is all of the amazing support that I've gotten. The running community (in general) tends to be pretty supportive, but this year it's been really nice to have an additional support system for training. As a blogger I've been a part of several blogging Facebook groups, and as a Race Ambassador I'm a part of the ZOOMA FB group as well. We do the usual stuff in the group: post pictures of races and runs, get feedback on and ask questions about different running related things, and encourage each other for upcoming events, like the ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon coming up in June!!!!
[You can check out the race site HERE]

I also get a 10% discount code on all race registrations and I get to share that with everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Starting Over...

Training Streak Day One!!!! 

I had to start over cause I missed Monday and Tuesday. I had good reasons, but then the reasons excuses always seem "good" when you're in bed evaluating the pros and cons of extra sleep.

On Monday morning I was tired so I convinced myself that I would workout in the evening. But then the evening rolled around and I still had some last minute birthday shopping to complete for Kai so I was busy doing that.
And then, of course, on Tuesday morning I wanted to be there when she woke up so that we could open presents before school so, once again, I rescheduled training until the evening. And then nothing happened.
If random strangers were to read this blog (not you guys obviously, but random people who don't "know" me like you do) they would probably think that I don't take my training seriously, or that I don't have an event in... hmmm let's see... THREE DAYS!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Running...

Today is Day 2 of my "Training Streak"
I did a 6-ish mile run this morning with Andy and Tabitha...
Tabitha was testing out her makeup and costume for the upcoming Star Wars half marathon that she and Andy are running next week because she, like all smart runners, knows not to try anything new on race day!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Competing Priorities

My training has been resuscitated! It was touch and go for a while. Things weren't looking good at all. Let's face it, I haven't done much anything since the Coral Springs Half Marathon. The truth is life has been...challenging, with lots of competing priorities, and I had no choice but to focus on something everything else except training...
One of the competing priorities happened to be my national certification as a trauma nurse (Yay!). But I've also had a few unwelcome distractions (I'm still dealing with those actually)...