Monday, July 13, 2015

I Don't Want To Jinx It...

I may have found a cure for blisters!!!!! 
I don't want to jinx it so until I know for sure I'm keeping my "Macgyver" tricks a secret. But so far they have been working on my shorter runs, and I even managed to complete my long run on Saturday without too much damage to my feet :) Once I get through a few more runs blister-free I will share the secret to my success ;)

Today was a short run for me; five miles non-stop...

I had such a great burst of energy this morning. The weather was as close to perfect as one can expect for Summer, and I only encountered one bug during the run (success!)...

I have a lot of stretching to do over the next few days because my muscles still feel very tight. I tried to do a little stretching during the day at work, but that didn't quite happen as planned. It was a busy day because this week is a travel week (which meant I spent more time sitting in front of my computer than I would have liked). 

It was also a long day because after work I had a business dinner to attend. Leaving from work meant I had to bring all the stuff I needed to get ready for the dinner to work with me. It also meant getting ready in my office and praying that no one with a master key was going to unlock the office door...

The work dinner was really nice. The food was amazing and I had great company...

and great wine...

I haven't had wine recently because I don't try not to drink while I'm training. But I have a few days before the half marathon on Saturday so I figured one glass of wine won't be a big deal ;)

The Morgan Valley Half Marathon course is going to be a lot different from my usual training/racing routes because of the elevation and hills...

I was able to get a little "hill work" done during my run this morning...
(every little bit counts right?)

I still haven't confirmed where and when I'm going to do my next training run. I think I will have to wait and see what the hotel recommends as a safe route once I reach my final destination...
Do you prefer to run on a hilly or flat route?

What's your favorite "grown up" dinner beverage?

Have you ever had to change clothes or get ready in an "non-changing room" location? Where and why?


  1. I actually prefer a little variation in the race course. I don't want huge hills, but I kinda like minor hills.

    1. I really need to increase my hill training because even though I won't need it for Chicago, I think it is great for improving my running :)
      Are there a lot of hills where you train?

  2. Hehe love that hill work! I have no hills where I'm at so I am scared of doing them one day!

    1. Try running along the bridges. That's the best way to get hill work done in flat areas :)

  3. I love Mascato wine but it is practically fruit juice :), I totally agree you definitely got your hill work in! I love to run down hill with a passion by body is just good at it and I can go fast, one of my goals is to work on going up hill.

    1. Running downhill is more painful for me. I suck going up hill too but definitely downhill is worse ;)


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