Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Week So Far...

This week has gotten off to a pretty good start training-wise. I've been able to do something every day so far... it's been a while since I've pulled that off ;)

Today was an evening run for me...

I'm still not a fan of running in the evening but it's becoming somewhat of a regular thing, especially if I get overzealous with the snooze button on my alarm in the morning (like I did this morning). It was a solo run so I went out with full "in the event of an emergency" preparation...
(I had a light and an alarm... just in case)

Yesterday I swam...

I haven't been in the pool for a while. In fact, after Swim Miami I've only made sporadic appearances at the pool. I did a slow 1/2 mile swim and enjoyed the peaceful chlorine scented water. I had the entire pool to myself :) (I love when that happens!)

And on Monday I also did an evening run...
(our mini support team member (B.) greeted us when we got back)

The miles were slow since we were all tired...
(and I forgot my Garmin so I used Runtastic to track my Monday miles)

I'm hoping the training trend continues and I've finally emerged from my slump. A lot of that depends on me not staying up late watching shows on Netflix... so we'll see ;)

How has your training been going so far this week?

What do you do to get out of a "slump"?

If you miss your morning run do you try to complete it that evening or the following morning?


  1. That's awesome that you got out there everyday this week! I currently am in a slump, I blame it on the heat and too much life stuff going on, but reading everyone's blogs helps me get out of it sometimes.

    1. The heat and humidity are REAL problems! I totally understand not running a lot with that and life stuff on top of it. Hopefully you will get out of the slump soon :)
      What about signing up for a race? That might help ;)

  2. That looks amazing at the pool, I don't think I've ever had a pool to myself.. I know what you mean about Netflix, there is so much that needs done but so many good shows to watch instead...

    Good work with the half mile in the pool. I'd be a lot slower than that.. :)

    1. Thanks James! I have to go really early to get the lanes to myself. There are not a lot of swimmers before 5 am ;)

  3. Yes, I definitely make up my missed morning runs in the evening. During the school year I run after work (10 months of the year) except on weekends. I get to enjoy early morning summer runs though for 8 whole weeks. :)

    Usually when I'm in a slump I scroll Instagram or something like that to get motivated, especially when I see how disciplined others are or if a friend of mine has had a particularly good race. I think to myself, "I can do that too." If that doesnt' work I buy new workout

    1. I'm with you on the new workout gear trick ;) I actually have a new pair of running pants I need to try for my LR on Sunday :)


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