Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Madness Version 7.06

~ Working at a hospital has allowed me to become quite familiar with the R. A. C. E. acronym (rescue, alert, contain, evacuate/extinguish) that is used to ensure safety in the event of a fire. It's not just used at hospitals of course, but that's been my exposure to it. Well today at work there was a tiny incident involving my lunch, the microwave, and what may or may not have been a small piece of foil...
It was a small fire don't worry. Nothing that required the activation of any alarms or response teams. And thankfully I was able to rescue my lunch before it became engulfed in flames.

~ I'm still sore from yesterday's run but nothing out of the ordinary or unbearable. Surprisingly I don't have any knee pain and my blister seems to be doing ok so far. I still wanted to ensure I was taking the right steps for recovery so I wore my compression sleeves (and a knee sleeve) all day today...

~ My baby sister is here (tomorrow is her birthday) so I went to pick her up and take her around town. Our first stop was a trip down memory lane (visiting my old job) and spending time with Keva and Sam (who apparently wasn't in a picture mood today)...

Back in the day (when my hair was 20 inches longer) Keva and I ran the pediatric trauma program...

~ Today was a rest day for me and tomorrow will be an active recovery day. I'm going to try and do some light cardio and stretching so that my muscles are not stiff for when I run on Wednesday and Thursday. I remember how stiff I felt after the 16 mile training run and I really want to avoid that this time. In keeping with my focus on stretching I joined a FB group called "Let's Get Flexy" run by Melissa to help me really stretch the areas/muscles that I tend to neglect...
As runners we know about stretching our leg muscles etc, but those are not the only muscles that get tight after a long run.

Hope you had a great Monday!!!

Apart from your legs, what other muscle groups get tight after your long runs?
          - My trapezius muscles always get really tight, but I know it's because I need to "relax my shoulders" more.

What's your favorite way to stretch those tight muscles?

Have you ever had a foil vs. microwave incident?


  1. oh my goodness, that actually sounds scary! Once a plate I used had like foily designs on it or something, it was super old! I put in in the microwave not noticing and it started to flash! I was super young and my ex pulled it out real quick. I love my foam roller and yoga mat. :) My shoulders and bicep areas get very sore the day after a hard marathon particulary.

    1. I've had that happen with ceramic dishes that have painted designs on them too! It was a bit scary at first but no one was hurt and my food was rescued so in the end it worked out ok ;)
      I have a foam roller I use but my trigger point massager is my "go-to" recovery tool :)

  2. I never spend enough time stretching after a run, it's something I'm really going to have to pay more attention to. I think ice baths help me recover faster, but I only take them after my long run or a hard speed session. I got my 2nd sports massage last night... Sore, but they seem to work..And I can't run without wearing compression socks now.. :)

    1. I've done ice baths too. I hate them. They work, but I still hate them :(
      I'm going to try and get a massage this weekend after my long run :)

  3. I have that problem with my shoulders too! It actually gets really bad so I have been trying to focus a lot on my form but it's hard.

    Yikes, the microwave situation sounds scary!

    1. Do you get massages? or would you? I know a lot of runners that recommend them so it's worth a try I think.
      The microwave fire was scary but it turned out ok. People at work are still teasing me about it ;)


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