Thursday, September 17, 2015


This is my 300th blog post!!!!!!! 
I started blogging about 14 months ago and it really has been an amazing experience! A lot of people encouraged me to blog but my brother-in-law Del was probably the most insistent. So we all have him to thank for my regular musings on the world wide web...thanks Del!!!. Since I started blogging I've gotten 26,724 page views from 10 different countries (thank you all for checking out my blog!!!)

About a year before I started blogging about it, my running journey began. It has been quite a roller coaster ride over the past 26 months. Trying to find ways to improve and get faster. Doing research on almost every single aspect of running. Developing a greater appreciation for my iPhone camera so that I have pictures to accompany my blog know the usual runner/blogger stuff ;)
I wouldn't have started this journey had it not been for my twin sister Sanya. She has always been the athlete between the two of us and I've always been in awe and proud of her. I wouldn't be a runner today had she not inspired me to start so...thanks San!!!!
Since I started running I've clocked over 1395 miles! I know some people run that mileage over the course of a few months, but for me it's a pretty impressive number and I'm extremely proud of it! These miles have been filled with blood, sweat, tears and smiles. And I am grateful and proud of every mile I've run...thank you legs for taking me this far!!!

I have also had the privilege of running with 2 amazing running groups :) The Memorial Milers were my first running group and they helped encourage me through five incredible half marathons (the Florida Storm Series). I have made and maintained great friendships from Milers and even though I'm not training with them this season, I am cheering them on all the way...thanks Coach Lori & my Milers family!!! 
The Pacers in Jamaica is the running group my twin sister trains with sometimes and they "adopted" me when I went back home. It was nice to be welcomed into the fold with open arms and non-judgmental glances when I did my run:walk on their group run...thanks Pacers!!!

I have completed 7 half marathons ~ 1 10K ~ 7 5Ks ~ 1 Swim Miami ~ (and) ~ 2 Wings for Life World Runs for a total of 18 races... thanks race organizers for amazing events!!!

I wanted to take a moment and "run the numbers" for a bit...which brings me to my next thought. Unfortunately it isn't something I'm able to quantify. Since I started running I have been blessed with many friendships and met amazing people who have given me countless incredible memories. At times (and recently very frequently) I have been fixated on the challenges of being injured and not on all the things that running has facilitated. This has been one of the most amazing journeys in more ways than one, and it isn't over yet! 

I'm still looking forward to Chicago, even though this is probably how I will look at the finish...

Share some of your "numbers" with me!


  1. Congratulations on reaching your 300 milestone!! We must have started around the same time, but even though my blog is called Half Marathon James I haven't actually ran a half marathon race since starting it ... so you are way ahead of me there.. Congrats again, really enjoy reading your blog, so keep it up :)

    1. Thanks James! I enjoy keeping up with your blog as well :) The Fall Race Season is here so time to sign up for another half :) You should check of the Florida Storm Series if you feel like traveling for a race :)

  2. Congrats on your 300th blog, remember life's a journey just like any marathon or half marathon, enjoy it, you'll spend more time on the journey than you ever will at the destination...enjoy the journey.

    1. Thanks! It's not the journey I get stressed about, it's all the potholes and training detours along the way ;) But I try and find something to enjoy even when those happen :)


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