Saturday, September 10, 2016

I'm Not Ready!

It's almost that time in the training plan... the big 20 MILE training run!!!
Tomorrow will actually be the first of two 20 mile training runs scheduled for this training cycle. This one is going to be a "slow and steady ensure you get the time on your feet" 20 miles. The next one (set for some time in October) will hopefully be more of a "simulate race day" 20 miler.

But I'm not ready. Sure, I've been hydrating with only water this week (well except the two glasses of wine last night) and my diet has been "ok". I was doing really well and then there was a transient loss of judgment and I made some poor carbohydrate decisions (donuts... sigh). 

That moment when someone reminds you that your meal is not part of your training diet regime...
Training itself has been pretty good this past week. I haven't done much cross training but I had three steady days of running and my legs have been feeling ok (no pain, no blisters). But even though physically I should be fine, mentally I'm not quite ready yet. Hopefully I will be by tomorrow morning (or tonight before I go to bed). 

Apart from the 20 mile run my weekend should be relatively quiet, but I do have some mommy-daughter things planned with Kai...
I figured this would be a great movie to see since I'm heading to NY in November :)

What are your weekend plans?

How many 20 milers do you schedule during marathon training?

How do you get mentally prepared for your longer long runs?


  1. I ran my first full last year and ran two 20 milers and was perfectly fine on race day. This year I'm using a training plan with higher mileage and it actually has three 20 milers! I have 2 down, 1 to go next weekend.

    I kind of can't think too much about long runs or I start to psych myself out. I usually run out and back, so I mentally chunk the run into two 10 milers. It's all about mind games :)

  2. Thanks Becky :)
    I only ran one 20 miler when I trained for Chicago last year. This year will be two for NY. I never contemplated running 3!!! I might add another 18 miler in instead for the next training cycle. Good luck on your final 20 miler next week!!!


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