Sunday, January 27, 2019

January Is Almost Over...

We are 27 days into the new year and, apart from the fact that at times I feel like I'm having an existential and midlife crisis rolled up into one mega emotional roller coaster, 2019 has been going ok so far. 

For the past several months training for London has been dominated by fundraising for London, which I'm happy to report went well and I met my fundraising goal last week!!!

Now I can focus on traveling to London. I'm going to confirm my hotel and airfare by the middle of next month so I'm not too worried about that part yet. If you've ever run the London Marathon (or know the area well) please feel free to comment with your thoughts on the best area(s) to stay. If you can add restaurant recommendations as well that would be great ;)

London Marathon training has been... different. My plan has me running based on duration not distance (so my long run is usually listed as "x minutes" instead of "x miles"). At first I was skeptical because distance training has been my comfort zone. But I've embraced it I'm embracing it and trying to trust the process. Unfortunately I had to skip a few days because I had the flu and today I was supposed to do the Miami half marathon (but skipped that because my knee has been bothering me). Despite those deviations from the plan training is going well ok...
(This is what the first seven weeks looked like)

I've also scaled back on the CycleBar rides (which I'm kind of sad about) to focus on London training...

It's still my go-to cross training option but I need to start swimming and conditioning so I'm only going to CycleBar 3 times a week now (not the typical 6-7 times I was doing before). Once marathon training is done I'll be back at it. 

2019 is going to be a major year in many respects. Not just because of London (though that's part of it), but because it will be a year of change. It will bring the start of a brand new chapter for my daughter as she heads off to college and embarks on adulthood. It will bring me to a new city and a new job. It will bring more travel... especially to different countries/cities (one will be London (obviously) and one will be a solo/mental health trip - destination TBD).

2019 will also bring different adventures/experiences as I aim to "try something new" every month (one of my goals for this year). I still haven't figured out what my January "new thing" will be yet (even though January is almost over) but hopefully I'll get to try something new within the next 4 days :)

What are your goals for 2019?

What's your favorite memory from 2018?