How It All Started

Update 2.0...
As with everything in life, sometimes updates are required. The original "Details" page was written when I first started this blog over a year ago (see version 1.0 below). Since the beginning of my running and blogging journey I've run 3 full marathons, 26 half marathons, 4 Ragnar Relays, and a bunch of 5K & 10K races. My initial motivation for running remains the same, but I continue to run for a variety of different reasons... most of which I talk about in my blog posts so I hope you'll keep reading them ;)

Version 1.0...
When you think about it I was never a runner by any stretch of the imagination. As a kid growing up no one ever wanted to pick me for the team races in prep school...and that didn't change in high school. As a means of self preservation I stuck to activities that didn't require a whole lot of dancing and swimming. Well ok swimming does require speed but I was the "body" in the lifeguard relay so really I just had to lie still and pray that my team would finish first...before I actually needed a lifeguard.

The "speed" gene definitely skipped me in my family. All my siblings were fast. They all ran or did something that required running. That's why I am sure it came as a surprise to them when I decided to train for a marathon. The truth is that I only decided to train for a marathon because I was so in awe that my twin sister had completed one. I was so proud :) so I "decided" that my sister and I would do our next marathon together.

When she told me that her first marathon was also her last I was crushed. I had already started running...ok jogging... ok walking briskly! but had also already bought "official" running clothes to prove I was a "real" athlete so I was convinced she would change her mind. But the weeks turned into months and while she was still refusing I was falling in love with running.

With the weeks turning into months and the months into more miles I get daily inspiration from many of the runners in my life. I continue to train for Athens (my dream marathon) and all the future marathons I hope to run. And am lucky to have great family support (both runners and non-runners alike). I am so grateful for them and for every step that they have helped me take along the way!

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