Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites...

The Friday before a long weekend has got to be the greatest thing ever!
I was so excited about having three days off that I agreed to go shopping on Saturday AND Sunday with Kai (as you can imagine she is excited about that too).

Apart from the three day weekend I have a few Friday favorites to share:

1. Virtual Race Medals...
A virtual race was on the list of 15 New Things for 2015 so I'm excited about getting it done. It's not my first virtual race (I did the Hug-A-Runner 5K with Mary last year) but it's the first one I've done with a medal...and the medal (as well as the cause) is amazing!!!

2. Eating Coffee...
I've been indulging in this granola greatness all week! It's so yummy! 

3. Mermaid Moments...
(can't remember my Pinterest source for this)
I saw this on Pinterest and could not stop laughing! I love this shirt! We women often fixate on ridiculous things when we have body image issues. And I have them too so I get it. Insecurities suck but sometimes you just have to laugh about them ;)

4. This quote from Mileposts...
I'm neither righteous nor rigorously disciplined so it's pretty comforting to know that success isn't entirely off the table for me ;)

Hope you had a great Friday!!!

Do you have any plans for the Labor Day weekend?

Do you like coffee or coffee treats?

What's your favorite Friday thing?

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