Saturday, January 7, 2023


It doesn’t seem real and yet I know this is how life is… filled with unexpected heartbreak. 

Heather and Kyle, welcomed me into their homes and lives when I was in Indiana. We spent many nights around the Table sharing our stories, our hopes, fears, joys, and pain. Shared fellowship with eight strangers who quickly became friends. Individuals who saw me more authentically than many (most) of the people I worked with daily at the hospital. We ate together, marched together, socially distanced together. 

Heather, my dear friend, you opened your home, your arms, and your heart when I was most vulnerable. Stood beside me when I was angry and determined to be a part of the change. Listened, understood, and cried with me when I realized leaving was the only choice I had. Our paths were intertwined closely for two short years, but my heart will be broken forever.

So often the plans for life get derailed by unexpected news. I’ve spent the last week worried but prayerfully hopeful. Then spent yesterday sad and heartbroken. Today’s workout, initially planned as a run turned into a walk and an opportunity to find stillness while watching the sunrise. I’ve been on this running journey long enough to know there will always be the moments when what’s needed more than a run is flexibility and grace. Grace is what my heart needed today. 

Tomorrow will hopefully bring another opportunity to get out there and get back on track; and I’m ok with that.