Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Early To Rise...

Today I wake up before the sun
While most are sleeping my day had begun
I drag myself slowly out of bed
"Ten more days" I quietly said

I massage my knee and test it for pain
I look out the window and thank God for no rain
I start to get ready, brush my teeth, wash my face
Put on my Brooks running shoes and my McDavid knee brace

Although it's not my usual running day
I set my interval timer and am on my way
A thirty minute run is all I need
At a slow steady pace, not focused on speed

The morning calm subsides as the sky gets lighter
Humidity rises as the sun gets brighter
The minutes pass quickly, much to my left knee's delight
And I push myself to finish strong, to not give up without a fight

The time passes; I smile; this morning's session is done
There were periods of mild pain, but mostly it was fun
Now it is time to start my day
I'll count down the hours until I can play
"Early to rise" with the sun once more
Thursday morning I'll be back for sure.
                                                                       ~ LeAnne

What was the best part of your day today?

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