Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My first 5K (race recap)

My very first 5K was in September 2013. I always try and find a significant connection for the events that I run, especially the first of each type of event. For my first 5K I found a significant connection for each mile that I ran...

Mile 1: This was the very first event that I ran (ran:walked:ran) in...

Mile 2: This was the first event that Kai and I ran together. Well, we were in the event together. Then Kai started running, finished, went to let her Aunty Shakeva know she was ok, went for recovery food and snacks, stopped by the vendor tents, ate some more, and then came back to the finish line to wait for me to be done...

Mile 3: The event was for Miami Children's Hospital which is where I first worked as a nurse and that hospital will always have a special place in my heart (yes...I know it's corny...I have my moments)

Mile 3.1: I got my first finisher medal!!!

I run for medals. Yes the sense of accomplishment is great and you feel proud that you set a goal and achieved it...but if you give me a medal it is a whole lot better!!!

What's the coolest finisher medal you ever got after a race?

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