Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend taper...

My taper weekend took on a whole new meaning today. I didn't run this morning. The last time I ran in Orlando I didn't have the best experience so I decided to do cardio instead. After 45 mins I was bored. Nothing compares to running outside. If I had planned better I would have run the perimeter of the convention center while my mom and sister finished the things they needed to do. As I was sitting in my car waiting I saw other runners that clearly plan their vacation running routes better than I do...

But I didn't plan the day that way so I'm not going to focus too much on that. I will do a better job next time.

Depending on how your calendar week starts, today is either the beginning of my race week, or the last day of my taper week. There are times when I like the thought of the week starting on Sunday so you can "start your week off right with a long run". But there is also the satisfaction of ending your week (and weekend) with a long run. My training journal ends the week on Sunday (so does the Galloway marathon training plan) so I will officially start my race week tomorrow.

Side note:
Some of my friends do their long runs on Saturdays so that they have Sunday to recover. I'm curious what other runners out there do. Does it depend on the day of the week that the event you are training for falls?

I'm looking forward to the half next week. I have less nervousness and more eager anticipation. I'm still concerned about my knee but I'm really trying to focus on the fact that I can do this.

I have come a long way since I started last year. My goal hasn't changed and I still plan to run a full next year but considering my injury I am going to be happy to complete the half for this year. I am also eager for the half to be finished because I have a new training plan for the remainder of 2014 and I'm eager to start it.

I get these pics with the motivational messages from various websites. I don't do a good job of referencing so this is my general disclaimer that these are not my thoughts. For most of them you can tell where to get them (or who said them). The ones with the sky background (2nd pic and the one below) are from an app called mileposts (it's a free app and these motivational quotes are sent daily).

Have a great LR for those of you running today!

What is your long run day: Saturday or Sunday? Why did you pick that day?

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