Monday, July 14, 2014

Running for those who can't: The Wings for Life World Run recap

May 4th 2014

The day started with nervousness and anxiety. I woke up early (1:50am) and started my mental preparation long before any physical warm up took place. I got lost getting to the route (of course) because of the change in traffic patterns. My GPS voice (let's call her Glenda) kept telling me to make the next legal u-turn. Since I couldn't make a u-turn an argument ensued (needless to say I turned Glenda off). When I eventually pulled up to the correct parking lot I was the 2nd person there. My early bird mentality was apparently shared by few in Sunrise, FL.

Slowly more cars pulled up and my fellow runners piled out. I was a little intimidated to see all the 'very-fit-I-can-run-forever-3%-body-fat' runners so I sat in my car and munched on my Granny Smith apple and contemplated my fate in upcoming event. My initial lofty goal of 10 miles had long evaporated thanks to my hamstring tendons and their persistent desire to double in size. At the height of my injury blues I resigned myself to being satisfied with not being the first one to get "caught" by the catcher car (i.e. the first one to have to finish). I waited until it was a reasonable enough time to head to the runner's corral area and said a quick prayer for safe running conditions.

The race itself was amazing. It was well organized and had a great turnout (RedBull gives you wiings and gets ALOT of publicity). They started on schedule (they had to because of the very nature of the world run)

Sadly, I was not able to make it very far before the catcher car "caught" me...

                                                              I did however walk to the 10K marker...

Despite the pain and not making my distance goal I still had a great time. 

Kai and Ree made a special sign for me....
And I had the best Wings for Life Support Team ever!!!

See you in 2015!!!

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