Friday, February 27, 2015

A few more days of training & a few more days of rest...

So many things have happened in the last few days! It feels like the week has gone by so quickly, and has brought both good and bad not-so-good news with it.

The good news is that it's Friday!!! The week is over. I officially finished one of the online classes I was teaching and all final grades have been submitted (yay!!). I also completed the grading of all the term papers for the other class I teach and once the students submit their final quizzes and posts I will grade those as well (that should all be done by next week). After that I'm taking a sabbatical from online teaching until after my full marathon!

On the "not-so-good" news side of things, the week has gone by quickly and the weekend is here, bringing with it two races, neither of which I feel ready for. The 5k on the runway is on Saturday. I have my shirt (probably not going to wear it) and bib all ready...

And on Sunday I have the Miami Beach half...

I haven't run since Tuesday because of bilateral lower leg pain (shins and calves). And even though I've been eating ok and hydrating really well I don't feel prepared. I'm just not feeling the excitement I normally feel about these races. It could just be the week I've had. I think I just need a few more days of training, and a few more days of rest. Since that's not going to happen I'm just hoping the enthusiasm will come by the time I have to line up at the start tomorrow.

I plan to do intervals for tomorrow's 5K. A lot of my friends from my running club and a bunch of people from work are participating in the event so it should be a fun experience. But I don't want to pressure my legs too much so I'll probably stick to my intervals to get through the event. It's not about my time this time around, just about having fun on the course.

I go back and forth regarding my plan for Sunday. Right now my plan is to have "no plan" and just see what the day brings based on how I feel in the morning. But then I get Milepost quotes that make me want to try for a PR...
I'm hoping that boldness will find me by Sunday :)

Has anyone run the Miami Beach half before? I hear the bridges are tough :( thoughts?

Has anyone ever done a race on an airpot runway before? While planes are taking off?

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