Sunday, February 22, 2015

Runners are the nicest people!

Today I did my taper LR, in preparation for the Miami Beach half marathon next week, and I was able to spend some time a little time working on my form (which is an ongoing struggle for me). Even though I only completed 6 miles, and it wasn't at the pace I wanted, I still felt pretty good about my run (especially since I wanted to quit from mile 2)...

Runners are the nicest people! I really believe that there is something special about the members of the global running community, because (in general) runners are supportive of each other and willing to give encouragement and motivation, even to other runners that they don't know very well. Today I was able to get a couple of the runners on the Boardwalk to take short Slo-Mo videos of me running so that I could get a better assessment of my running gait. Since I can't run on the treadmill (because I get dizzy) using the iPhone camera features in this way is the closest thing I will get to a proper gait analysis. Plus, I strongly believe that you run differently on a treadmill than you do on the road, and since my events are not on treadmills doing a gait analysis on one in a running store is not my first choice.

***Disclaimer*** Sometimes the video doesn't play (depending on your browser). I apologize if that happens. Hopefully trying to open it on a different device will help :)
The first video is how I normally run. This is is my natural heel-strike running gait. You can almost see how much impact is felt when I land (and of course this sends the force straight to my knees)...

The second video is my attempt at mid foot striking... 
It was hard for me to keep this up, especially in the sneakers I was wearing, but I'm trying to find a way to minimize the impact on my knee (which has been very tender recently). It's important to note that (based on a number of articles I've read), there are other injury patterns associated with mid-foot and fore-foot striking. Each running gait has it's own set of pros and cons, so I have to be careful no matter what I do.

I was able to complete the 6 miles and then did an "un-tracked" cool down walk for about a mile or so after...

Post run selfie...

After a relaxing post-run breakfast, my brother and I took our daughters to visit their great-grandparents...
(teaching our children to honor the memory of loved ones... #priceless)

Race week starts tomorrow and I'm starting it off with an extra long yoga session, a lot of stretching and myofascial release with my new massage roller...

And I got my new training journal in the mail a few days ago (I ordered it months ago, but it was on back order). I'm going to start using it in May when I start my official training for the Chicago full marathon...
I used a running journal all of last year to track my running and cross training. This year I started off without one (because of the whole back order issue) so it's been a little harder to compare training weeks and analyze my performance. I know traditional training journals are kind of "old school" and in this day and age there must be "an app for that". So I did some research and came across THIS ARTICLE...
You can check out the article and see if any of these apps will be useful for your training (I only focused on the iPhone apps; sorry Androdians).

How do you track your running and cross training? Do you use a journal or an app or both?

Do you foam roll regularly? (or use "the stick" or any other type of torture device?)

How was your long run this weekend? 


  1. I use journals and apps. I also have a grid on my fridge so I sort of keep track of my workouts everywhere! LOL. I really love love love that journal of yours!

    1. Thanks! I post a calendar to track my upcoming running and cross training days on the the wall in my bedroom. I can't wait to start the journal in May :)

  2. That journal looks wonderful! And those slow-mo videos are a great idea! I'm going to do mine next chance I get!

  3. Good for you for sticking with it! I did a short 30 minute (2.3 miles) run yesterday, on the sidewalk, which I never do because it hurts too much. I would not have been able to do that even a few weeks ago, so I'm celebrating that.

    I use RunKeeper, but I'm putting the Lauren Fleshman journal is on my wishlist.


    1. Congrats Mei! Where do you do most of your running (since you don't normally run on the side walk)? I've never used RunKeeper but I used Runtastic before I got my Garmin and loved it. My only issue was my phone kept dying during my half marathons and I would lose my data :(

    2. Thanks, LeAnne! I run on the street, I find the asphalt is better for me. This time around I just ran laps around the park on the sidewalk. I want a Garmin, I'm keeping an eye on them :)

    3. I am a huge Garmin fan! best purchase I've ever made :)


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