Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Running...

Today is Day 2 of my "Training Streak"
I did a 6-ish mile run this morning with Andy and Tabitha...
Tabitha was testing out her makeup and costume for the upcoming Star Wars half marathon that she and Andy are running next week because she, like all smart runners, knows not to try anything new on race day!

I was able to test out my NY marathon training hydration system as well...

Ok so indulge me for a moment while I talk about my CamelBak. I LOVE IT!!!!! I guess I could stop right there but I think it's only fair to tell you why I love it. First of all, it's pretty light. It doesn't feel heavy on my back and I don't feel like I'm dragging (my slow pace is because I actually run slowly). There are lots of pockets. I love pockets. And the water stayed pretty cool (but, to be fair, it wasn't a very hot morning). It's not purple, but I'm slowly coming to terms with that. Plus, blue is like purple's cousin right? Or would it be a parent? [mental note: review primary colors after this post].

Anyway, despite the color deficiency the CamelBak worked great! I only did 6 miles so I will have to see how it holds up on much longer runs. After all, it might feel light for 6 miles but become excruciatingly annoying at mile 16. I'll keep you posted.

I spent the rest of the day doing a few family related things and trying to figure out what my training/racing calendar is going to look like for the rest of the year. I have a lot of races already scheduled (check them out here), so the plan is to find a way to safely train for the NY Marathon around/including them. In other words the plan is to...

What do you use for hydration storage? Have you ever tried the CamelBak?

Do you do a "dress rehearsal" or "race practice" run to test out new things before race day? (if not, why not?)

How far in advance do you plan your training/race schedule?


  1. I love purple too!! Are you doing the NYC marathon this year? That is my dream one to do. I need to get in some practice halfs (halves?) first though. I am trying to work out doing the Brooklyn half this year though if possible!

    1. Yup! I'm doing NYC in November :) It's a big Bucket List race for me so I'm really excited about it. I agree that doing a few half marathons before will be good. Building up the mileage safely is important. That being said you can incorporate half marathons in your training for a full (just extend the training period a bit so your body has enough time to get accustomed to the increasing mileage). Are you in NY? There are a ton of races there to choose from :)

  2. I feel like I need to clarify that I thought the Brooklyn one was in Ovtober but I just looked and I was wrong. So I take that back lol

  3. I do sometimes do a "dress rehearsal" run if the race is something new and different...I guess I haven't done that lately because I haven't been undertaking anything "new" as far as races go.

    1. I try to test out my outfits before if I can. I've never done the costume thing though. Not yet anyway :)


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