Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Starting Over...

Training Streak Day One!!!! 

I had to start over cause I missed Monday and Tuesday. I had good reasons, but then the reasons excuses always seem "good" when you're in bed evaluating the pros and cons of extra sleep.

On Monday morning I was tired so I convinced myself that I would workout in the evening. But then the evening rolled around and I still had some last minute birthday shopping to complete for Kai so I was busy doing that.
And then, of course, on Tuesday morning I wanted to be there when she woke up so that we could open presents before school so, once again, I rescheduled training until the evening. And then nothing happened.
If random strangers were to read this blog (not you guys obviously, but random people who don't "know" me like you do) they would probably think that I don't take my training seriously, or that I don't have an event in... hmmm let's see... THREE DAYS!!!

I decided to set short term and long term training streak goals to help keep me on track. The short term goal is to make it to double digits (up to at least 10 training streak days). And the long term goal is to make it to 30 days. I have Moderate Selective OCD (yes I just made that up but I swear it's real) so every little thing doesn't bother me, but starting a training streak in the middle of the week, and in the middle of the month, does. So I anticipate getting to 10 days and maybe a few days longer. But I'm going to have to take a rest day before the end of the month so that I can start over on May 1st

This morning I missed the alarm for swimming because I was up late (past both my 8pm and 9pm bedtimes). By the time I got up I decided to workout on my air climber (AC) at home...
(Just me and the birthday balloons)

My AC has really saved me on several occasions when I can't make it to the gym or can't run outside. And now I've started incorporating "weight training" in with my AC routine...
It's only 5lbs. And I only have one. But I'm going with the "something is better than nothing" philosophy. I really could have bought two but I wasn't sure if I was going to like using it. I figured I could just switch the weight from hand to hand when I needed to; which, at the moment of purchase, I thought was a brilliant idea. The only time that idea isn't brilliant is when you drop the weight on your foot during the switch. Good times.

Although I haven't been doing well with my training streak, I've been consistent with a 30 day poetry writing challenge that I'm currently participating in. Did I already tell you that I write poems? I may have during one of my "things you may not know about me" posts. Anyway, I hadn't been doing much poetry writing in the past few years. I used to write a lot when I was younger but I destroyed all those poems during a "de-clutter my life" moment...

Recently I decided to write again. It started with one or two poems and slowly that kind of snowballed into a lot...
And then during an artistic emotional soapbox moment I decided to open a separate Instagram account to share my feelings poetry.
{Full disclosure: I have like 5 IG accounts that I operate. Four are mine and one is for my mom's book. Three of the four accounts are public: ThisIsMyFaster; 100Runners; and the new poetry account SitariPoetry. The private IG account is only for my family and friends who are like family. I felt the need to keep certain aspects of my life private since I tend to over share on this blog and, you know, in general}

Ok so back to my writing and this 30 day poetry challenge...
So I saw a general "do you want to participate?" post by another poet (Debra McLain) and thought "Hey why not? It's not like my life isn't already busy enough". But through participating I have been introduced to some amazingly talented writers and one of my poems actually got featured during the challenge!!! (Day four's writing prompt was: a library adventure)
(I was so excited and honored that I was featured!!!)

Each challenge day has a different theme or word prompt so it makes it both easy (I don't have to come up with something out of the blue) and hard (sometimes the theme or word prompt doesn't inspire me right away). But I'm on day 13 right now and I haven't missed a day so far
Hopefully the writing streak continues to go well and my training streak will follow suit. After all I have events lined up for the rest of the year, starting with Swim Miami on Sunday...

How often do you workout at home?

What's your favorite thing about birthdays?

Tell me one "non-running" thing that most people don't know about you


  1. I LOVE when the spirit to write comes back to me. Sometimes it goes for a long time - it tends to come back when I can't feed it because I'm so busy with other stuff, which is frustrating. I love that you've been swept up in it lately!

    I have that selective OCD too I think...I hate starting a training week on any day but Monday...even though Mondays are usually a rest day for me!

    1. Starting with a day of rest is always good :) I'm on a quest for balance write now with my writing/blogging, training, and life in general. It's not going well. But there's always tomorrow ;)


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