Monday, April 25, 2016

The Best Kind of Support

One of the cool things about being a ZOOMA Race Ambassador this year is all of the amazing support that I've gotten. The running community (in general) tends to be pretty supportive, but this year it's been really nice to have an additional support system for training. As a blogger I've been a part of several blogging Facebook groups, and as a Race Ambassador I'm a part of the ZOOMA FB group as well. We do the usual stuff in the group: post pictures of races and runs, get feedback on and ask questions about different running related things, and encourage each other for upcoming events, like the ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon coming up in June!!!!
[You can check out the race site HERE]

I also get a 10% discount code on all race registrations and I get to share that with everyone!!!

And guess what?? The support extends beyond the Facebook group and the race discounts. I've also gotten great support in the form of these amazing shoes from New Balance!!!

I got the New Balance Pace shoes in the mail today and I can't wait to take them for a test run this week!

I've been in and out of my training slump for the past few weeks months so I'm really excited about the shoes. I've never tried New Balance before so I hope I like them. They are super light (which I love) so I hope they are as supportive (cushioning-wise) as I need them to be.  I'll be excited if my new shoes can take me all the way through training because some of my other shoes are starting to feel heavy. I don't run my ZOOMA half marathon until October (I'm running THIS ONE) but I'm looking forward to the training leading up to it and getting the chance to finally meet some of my fellow ZOOMA Ambassadors :)

Have you ever been a Race Ambassador? 

What are some of the ways fellow runners have supported you during training slumps?

What's your favorite pair of running shoes?


  1. I'd love to run Zooma Amelia Island someday. It's on my bucket list!

    1. I hear it's a great race! I can't wait to run it :) Hopefully you can do it soon. Use my code if you do it this year so you can get the 10% discount ;)

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  3. I've been in and out of my preparation droop for as far back as couple of weeks months so I'm truly amped up for the shoes. I've never attempted New Balance so I trust I like them.

    Ashley B. Collier

    1. I've been running in them quite a bit since I got them and so far they have been great! I hope yours work for you :)

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