Saturday, April 15, 2017

Four Miles Later...

My run this morning went well. Before I started I decided to aim for an 11:30 min/mile average pace and to try and maintain a conservative effort. The desire for the conservative effort was because I felt a "twinge" in my left knee yesterday and I didn't want to push too hard considering I also have a longish run on Sunday. And I decided to do intervals (run 3 minutes: walk 30 seconds) for the entire 4 miles because I figured that would help with the conservative effort (plus it gives my legs a well needed break).

I'm happy to report that my effort did feel conservative AND I pulled off a sub-11 minute pace!

I never thought I would see the day that a sub-11 min/mile pace would feel conservative... especially for a distance longer than a mile 😊...

It would have been great to have gotten negative splits but that pesky mile four messed it up for me 😒...

The only not so great thing about the run was that I got a really bad blister on the bottom of my right big toe...
(just imagine this is me with black curly hair, darker skin, and pain to the other big toe 😉)

The blister is not going to be fun when I run tomorrow but I'm hoping I can still get my 6 miles in. It's Easter Sunday so I need to schedule my run before church, with enough time to get home and get ready to go to church. 

Later on I will be off to Kai's painting party for part 2 of her birthday celebration. She chose a nice sunset landscape scene to paint...
It will be fun to see what the "after" paintings look like once everyone is done. One of my favorite things about the painting party concept is that we all get to keep our paintings as a nice keepsake from Kai's 16th birthday celebration. It's kind of like a really great grown up version of a birthday party "goodie bag" 😉. 

Have you ever been to a painting party?

Do you get blisters when you run?

What's your current "conservative" pace?

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