Friday, April 14, 2017

Minimum Expectations...

Now that the blogging streak is over I've really been struggling to meet the minimum expectations that I set for myself. Granted, it has been a very busy couple of weeks... but that's life right? At least that's my life. I don't remember the last time I had a week where I thought "Oh I really wish I had more to do" 😉. Despite having my plan to do a post yesterday (and even starting one yesterday) things just didn't quite work out that way...

I take some comfort in the fact that I've at least been keeping up the minimum expectations with my running streak...

As the countdown to Ragnar continues my team has been losing runners (for very valid reasons) and as of right now my total mileage has increased from ~15 miles to ~26 miles. Training needs to start ramping up 💪. I have 4 more weekends that will facilitate "real" training for Ragnar (including this weekend but not including the weekend before Ragnar). The weekend before Ragnar is my birthday weekend so my runs won't involve a lot of mileage. And to be honest that works out well because I should be tapering the weekend before a race anyway 😉. 

So with only 4 training weekends left I need to work my way up to running 26 miles (over the course of 3 back-to-back weekend runs). My potential training schedule for the upcoming four weekends looks like this:
1. Saturday 4 miles; Sunday 6 miles = 10 miles (I should've run more than 1 mile this morning 😞) 
2. Friday 4 miles; Saturday 6 miles; Sunday 8 miles = 18 miles
3. Friday 4 miles; Saturday 8 miles; Sunday 10 miles = 22 miles
4. Friday 6 miles; Saturday 10 miles; Sunday 10 miles = 26 miles
And then on the weekend of my birthday & Mother's Day (May 13th & 14th) I'll just try and run as much as possible 😊. 

Do you run on your birthday?

Do you ever split up your weekend long runs?

What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. Wow! I've never done back to back runs like that all weekend. That's a lot! I'm actually going through a weird phase where I have had no desire to run or workout at all. So I need to get back on the wagon lol

    1. Hopefully you find the wagon soon ;)
      Breaking up the weekend runs will be great for when you start training for Ragnar. Some people just do Saturday and Sunday but since I have the running streak anyway I might as well add Friday to the mix :)


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