Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Initiating Phase I

I added a few things to my reading list this month!

Both these magazines came in the mail today and they just happen to be about two of my favorite things: Trauma Nursing & Running 😊. I'm still in the middle of the novel I'm reading so I'll fit the magazines in between chapters 😉. 

This morning I ran to complete Day 101 of my run streak...

I've been trying to keep up with my morning runs this week so that I have my evenings free. This week will be just as busy as last week because, at the stroke of midnight Kai will be turning 16! In order to keep myself from drifting deep into a depressive state of denial I've been going through pictures of her, from when she was a little girl...

To still little but just not as little...

To not really little, but I'm definitely initiating Phase I of my denial that she is growing up 🙈...

Just three years ago she was embarking on her teenage years...

Three years before that she was celebrating the "double digit age" milestone...

But tomorrow she will kick off the 16th birthday celebrations which will continue straight through the weekend...

Is it just me or are the years going by too fast?

Do you read Runner's World magazine?

How has your running and training been going?


  1. Your daughter is a gorgeous young lady! I read Runner's World too and have for probably the past 3-4 years that I've been running. I love seeing it in my mailbox. I'm coming back from an injury and was having some soreness in my supposedly healed foot so running has been kinda not happening until I get it checked out, but am hoping all is well!

    1. Thank you!!!
      I love Runner's World! I hope you feel better and recover from your injury soon! When will you get a chance to get it checked out?

  2. She's so beautiful!! Happy Birthday to her!

    That is some great reading material!


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