Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wordless Wednesday (well, not really..)

I was going to do a "Wordless Wednesday" post (you can already see how well that's going to go)  but so much has happened in the past week that I figured a bunch of pictures without explanation would be more annoying than entertaining. So instead this was going to be more of a "mostly pictures with a few clarifying words/comments" kind of post (that didn't work out either).

Last week I celebrated my 300th blog post, but I haven't posted a thing since then (not here anyway. I am on IG daily though @thisismyfaster). My absence from the blog is not without good explanation. Work has been very busy, and I started teaching online again, and I've gotten into a running/cross training rhythm that I'm hoping will continue but keeps me in a constant state of tiredness (well that and the fact that I've been staying up late to watch episodes of BlueBloods on Hulu+).

Anyway, I've been back to running after my mandatory week off. I ran for 3 miles last week Friday...

Then on Saturday I did a 5K walk with my brother-in-law Gavin and Kai...

And on Sunday I did a 4 hour endurance training session at the gym...

Four hours is a loooooong time to be at the gym but I kept myself entertained with movies...

On Monday I did my MRI. Diagnosis: Bilateral bursitis to hips and Osteoarthrosis. So nothing is torn (good news) but running will continue to be painful for now (not so good news). 

I was feeling frustrated about my injuries (both old and new) so I went for a 1 mile run on Monday night to blow off some steam and to break in my new running shoes...

I ran again on Tuesday morning...
...and then completed the morning with my final PT session. 
The next time I go to PT (on Friday) it will be for an evaluation of my progress.

This morning I ran the farthest I've run in a very long time...

I felt great and the pace wasn't too bad...

So the week broken down kind of looked like this...
(I didn't track the 5K walk)

I see my orthopedic surgeon tomorrow and he is supposed to give me the "all clear" for long runs, which will come in handy for my long run on Saturday (or Sunday). Technically I'm supposed to be tapering but I haven't done many any really long runs recently so I'm caught between "should I try and run 15 miles so that I can get my legs ready?" and "should I stick with my taper plan as scheduled and increase the non-impact cross training to improve my endurance?" I think I'm probably going to stick with the taper plan (which will limit my LR to 10 miles) which technically isn't a taper run for me right now, but it's certainly better than trying to push for 15 miles right?

How is your training going? I hope it's been injury free!

How do you taper for your half/full marathon?

How many taper weeks do you schedule on your training plan?

Do you still taper if you haven't completed a long run in over six weeks?


  1. 4 hours at the gym?? Whoa! I'm doing NYC Marathon in November and I don't EVEN want to discuss my training right now!

    1. I hope the training gets better!!!! I know how disappointing it can be when a training cycle doesn't go exactly as you planned. What # marathon is this for you? or will this be your first?


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