Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I Spoke Too Soon...

I'm currently nursing a minor ankle sprain so training has taken a nosedive. For the past week I've only been able to manage my one mile runs to keep up the running streak...
So I'm spending my days icing my ankle and trying to figure out how to modify my training so that I can still prepare for my Fall marathons. 

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of wiggle room in my training plan because I've had to make a few changes to accommodate family related travel. So I may be forced to break up my runs and/or cross train more so that I don't suffer too much of a long term negative impact from the reduction in miles.

The goal is (and will always be) getting through both marathons safely. So sadly that may mean the end of my running streak so that I can avoid the high impact stuff and focus on strength training and endurance training through other activities.

I'm a little bummed when I think about the possibility of having to stop the streak (as you can imagine) but I'm trying to think of the big picture. It's been more than half the year and therefore my longest running streak ever. But at the end of the day, the marathons are more important, and I can always try and do the streak again some other time.

I'll keep everyone posted. In the meantime please send happy healing thoughts for my ankle to feel better soon 😊.

How is your training going?

How long is/was your longest running streak?

What's your favorite cross training activity when you can't run?

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