Sunday, November 19, 2017

This Morning's Run...

I had lost the joy in it
And lost my motivation
It was like suddenly no longer a place of peace
But a source of frustration.

I found every excuse for it to 
Not be the "right" day
I would blame the transient weather
For my decision to stay away.

And when I ran out of excuses 
I would struggle through the route
Using every muscle twinge
As a reason for a "time out".

The blisters were real though
That pain is not something imagined
During every run they appeared
That's not something I tried to make happen.

I tried running with friends
And running solo
I tried running in Berlin
Cause hey... YOLO.

But at the end of the day
In the depths of my soul
I'd lost the joy of running
That used to make me feel whole.

Until this morning when I glimpsed
The joy it used to bring
At a steady pace, ignoring haste
Listening to the birds sing.

I was able to feel the gentle breeze
And feel the warmth of the sun
Vary my route and intervals
Listen to my breathing during my run.

I know each run is different
But tomorrow when I rest
I'll still think of this run fondly
As though it was my best.

And when I get back out there
When my training plan restarts
I hope I remember the joy it brought me
And the way it healed my heart.
                       ©SitariPoetry (aka ThisIsMyFaster; aka LeAnne)

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