Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday news and Fleeting thoughts...

3am seemed exceptionally early this morning. But since yesterday wasn't a heart pumping workout day I pried my eyes open and went to the gym. I'm still having residual calf soreness from Tuesday. I'm a bit saddened by the fact that a 1 mile run:walk session was the catalyst for this lingering discomfort, but it's getting better each day so I'll get over it

The gym had a lot of activity by the time I got there (3:30am). Well, "a lot" is relative, but there were more people there than normal. I decided not to do anything that really stressed my calves today (so no stair master). Instead I ended up doing 30mins on the elliptical...
I did my elliptical workout a bit differently today. I started with the cross ramp at level 10 and resistance at level 1, and then every 5 mins I would drop the cross ramp by one level and increase the resistance by one level until I reached level 5 for both. I liked the variety so I think I'm going to keep trying to find ways to "mix it up". Hopefully that will (should) keep me from getting bored.

I also did 30mins on the upright bike
The bike routine was pretty basic. I kept it at level 1. I was just trying to keep my legs moving but not necessarily trying to "work them out" too much. I want to be fine for my run tomorrow.

When I got home I did the legs up the wall yoga position I saw on my friend's blog...
I don't really meditate (too many racing thoughts for that) but just lying down and relaxing for the few minutes felt good.

Although my run is early tomorrow (and so humidity shouldn't be a big problem) I focused a lot on hydration today. I'm also trying to improve my diet and cut out unhealthy carbs, but I realize that I can't rely on hospital cafeteria food (at work) to help with that so it's an ongoing endeavor (and today was no exception).

I was reviewing past activities on my Runtastic app and since the beginning of the year I have completed 274.7 miles. That's almost the distance from the Keys to Orlando...

In 2013 (starting from June) I completed 352.5 miles...
I'm waaaaay behind for this year! Although there were a lot more walking sessions last year, I still accomplished quite a few miles. Being injured = setbacks. It's important to train safely and listen to your body. I've learned my lesson I promise.

Today I have been feeling a little homesick and missing my sisters...
I keep this picture in my office. 
It's from a few years ago, but it's one of my favorites

On a lighter note I got new sneakers for work!
They are purple therefore they are AMAZING! The ones I used to wear to work were literally falling apart (I really wear my shoes down to shambles) so Damian got these for me (brownie points because they are purple and double brownie points because they are very very comfortable!)

Also, Runner's World magazine is having a special rate! 
I love this magazine so I decided share this info with you :)

Happy Friday!!

What are your LR plans (if any) this the weekend?

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