Monday, August 25, 2014

The combo package...

There is a reason I don't run two days in a row anymore. I used to. In fact last year around this time I was running every chance I got. And over Thanksgiving weekend last year I did a "Thanksgiving Day challenge" and ran 4 days in a row (Thursday: 10 miles; Friday 7 miles; Saturday 5 miles; and Sunday 3.1 miles at the iRun 5K). Now running two days in a row isn't working out too well. I really need to fix that.

I didn't do a Sunday recap on Sunday (extenuating circumstances) so this will be my Sunday-Monday combo package...

I started talking about running 2 days in a row before because I did my 5 mile run on Saturday and then did 2 miles on Sunday. For the Sunday run, Kai and I met up with my friend Diane...
This was us before the run, with Kaiyu behind the camera 
(apparently it was "too early" for pictures)

We ran:walked 1 mile out and back (3:1 intervals) and we were slower than slow...
I'm going to blame the humidity...

Kai mentioned that the "intervals made her more tired" and Diane also told me that she runs faster when she "runs straight" and only walks when she has to. I think I'm the only one who likes the intervals :(

There are times when I wish I could run the mileage distance straight through without stopping. Who wouldn't want to be able to run 26.2 miles non-stop? But that's just not my reality right now. 

The rest of Sunday came and went and now my "favorite" day of the week is here (can you feel the sarcasm?) 

There are only a few things to mention about today...
1. They were doing health screenings at work and I discovered that my scale at home has been lying to me. Our whole relationship flourished because every morning (yes I said every) I would step on the scale and I would see numbers that reflected a weight I could live with. Well today at work, on a different scale, the numbers were a bit off...therefore I was a bit peeved. (Let me preface the chart to follow by saying that I know my numbers are pretty much in the "normal" range and therefore I am considered "healthy". However there are a few areas I would "tweak" less body fat maybe...)
I'm fine with the weight issue if I can covert some of that body fat to muscle mass (and still stay in the healthy range). One of the 'assessment coaches' advised me that I have the "perfect amount of body fat for my age and gender". I just looked at her and said "really? because my thighs tell a completely different story". Anyway, you know the best way to tone your legs and get more muscle definition (while burning fat at the same time)? Weights! Yup, this week will be the beginning of a slow incorporation of light weights back into my training routine. I emphasize "slow" and "light" because I'm still at risk for injury so I'm going to take it easy.....quality over quantity.

2. I did yoga today! I found a video series online that I did in my bedroom (while viewing it on my laptop). The benefit of doing yoga in my bedroom is the carpet. The drawback?....a lack of space. But I made it work and did the best I could. I want to get an inexpensive yoga mat soon and once I do I can complete my yoga sessions in my living room where there is more space. Plus, then I will be able to use the yoga DVD I got from my favorite yogi Jeanette. You can check out her blog for more info. 
This will be me after a few (hundred) sessions...
(I'm not entirely sure this picture is real by-the-way)

3. I did more foam rolling today and some of my exercises from physical therapy. I stayed away from any major impact activities since it is supposed to be my "rest day" but I figured yoga and rehab exercises would be ok (hopefully I don't regret that decision tomorrow). 

Tomorrow is my regular day for gym work. I will decide between cardio or weights (or a little of both) once I get there. I changed my end-of-year training plan again (I told you this would happen often) because of travel plan changes and also because I added in yoga sessions and strength training.  I'm going to start referring to it as my "liquid" plan because it adjusts to accommodate the dynamic nature of my schedule and life. My type A personality insists that I have something written out for the rest of the year (and the entire 2015) but the realist in me also accepts the fact that I will be adjusting the plan often (sometimes daily) and that's fine with me.

How often do you change your training plan? Do you just "go with the flow" or are you very strict about sticking to it?

Are there any yoga experts out there that have actually been able to do the pose in the picture above? 


  1. Thanks for the blog love!

    I would love to get one of those health screenings. I’ve been curious about my numbers. I know that I’m in the normal range but it’s good to know.

    Good for you for doing yoga. It is the best cross training as long as you listen to your body and know your limits.

    I ran in my new Altra sneakers today and they felt good. They look like clown shoes but I could care less ;)

    1. Glad the new shoes are working for you! It's a mission to find the right ones but when you do it makes a world of difference. The yoga felt good, but one of the warrior poses strains my knee a bit (I can't remember which one is warrior 1 or warrior 2) so I tried to modify the back leg position a little. I'll figure it out. Need another class soon :)


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