Friday, August 15, 2014

The beauty of SWEAT & 10,000 Steps

This morning's run was a good one. I started off with 2.5 minutes of running:1 minute of walking for the first mile. Then (confession) I tapered to 2:1, and then 1.5:1. I wasn't in pain, but I was trying to increase my tempo each time I tapered down. I also focused on form today (which is easier for me to do during shorter durations). I'm happy to report that I had a better average pace today than I did on Wednesday! (not much better, but I'll take any improvement). And overall my form was better too (especially during the beginning and end of the session; in the middle it fell off a bit).

This is my session summary for today...

The humidity was pretty high (although not the worst I have seen)...

And by the end of the session I was sweating profusely...
(No I never did the Miami marathon or half marathon, but I for the shirt for free so....)

Only athletes can truly appreciate the beauty of sweat. Sweat "aka" Sensational Workout Endorphins Are Terrific (I beat you didn't know that's what it meant!). Of course, sweating comes more "naturally" to some people than others. I've run with friends that simply "glisten" with perspiration; while you can practically wash a car with the amount of sweat you squeeze out of my clothes post-run! (I know...kinda gross, but if you're a runner you'll get it).

In general, as your fitness level increases it takes a lot more to get you sweating. I remember when I started training I would start sweating just by walking alone. Those where the days of frequent elevator use at work (to avoid feeling out of breath going up the stairs). Now it takes a little more exertion of energy for me to start sweating profusely during a workout (but sadly not that much more).

In November last year my job started a 10,000 step campaign
The challenge was to take 10,000 steps a day (approximately 5 miles) to help promote fitness among the workforce. I did it (it came with a free pedometer so why not?) and started climbing stairs all the time. It became a bit of a competition between other co-workers and myself as well; which made it more fun and kept me motivated to win each week (the person who had the most steps each week got free lunch!)

The 10,000 step challenge ended in February this year but I kept monitoring my steps for a little while after (I think I eventually stopped at the end of March). If interested there are a number of websites about it (including myth buster sites to help you maintain realistic expectations regarding the challenge). This link is a good one to start with. Although I was already deep into marathon training mode when I did the challenge, I started that marathon training by walking (you have to start somewhere right?). So if you are thinking about starting running, go for it! Take baby steps. Start by walking and then keep pushing yourself to move forward faster and faster each week. Eventually it will get easier, even if you always "run slow" (like me).

Whether you are an avid runner or someone just starting out...

The weekend is here and it's going to be great! I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends this weekend. Tomorrow (if all goes as planned) will be a fun day at the beach (weather permitting) and Sunday is my long run day! And guess what? I'm running with Kai on Sunday (awesome!). I "slow her down" so she usually runs ahead and then waits for me to catch up :)

What are you looking forward to the most this weekend?

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