Thursday, August 21, 2014

It takes "mindset not miles"...

This week has been a good reminder of why it is important to be flexible in your training, especially when great opportunities present themselves. My training plan has changed at least 3 or 4 times already for this week. Today was supposed to be a cardio day, which would have worked out well since I had to be at work early today. But as it turned out I had to be at work at 5:30am and deferred training until the evening. Plus my calves have been soooo sore since I ran on Tuesday and followed that up with 80 minutes of cardio on Wednesday. I vaguely remember reading in an article that running on the balls of your feet can make your calves sore, but I had no idea they would be this sore. It feels like I did weights! So even though I would gladly take muscle soreness over injury pain any day, taking the morning off probably wasn't a bad idea.

Earlier I mentioned making adjustments for great opportunities that present themselves. Well, this Saturday morning I'm going to run with one of my friends that was also going to do the Ft. Lauderdale Airport runway 5K (the one I was supposed to do on Saturday but got cancelled). She is also scheduled for a 5 mile run this weekend so she suggested that we do ours together (which I thought was a great idea since normally anything over 2-3 miles I end up doing by myself). Although Jeanette does a 3:1 ratio, she is graciously going to do 2:1 with me (I'm all smiles). So this changes my LR day (again), but it's for a great reason this time so I'm very excited!

I'm hoping to get up to a 3:1 ratio again soon (with the ultimate goal being a 4:1 ratio with a 10 minute/mile pace (at least)). I often refer to this run:walk ratio chart from the Jeff Galloway website for pacing guidance...

Working on form and endurance both require time and I have been realizing more and more that I will have to diversify my training and begin incorporating other activities that will help me develop the endurance and running strength required to run 26.2 miles (swimming, weights, other endurance building activities etc)
Marathon Training is never one dimensional

Weather didn't permit an evening running session so I spent some quality time doing core workouts and some of my physical therapy exercises. Tomorrow I am going to do a morning cardio session and ice my knees and legs in preparation for Saturday!

Oh! I saw this on and thought it was cool so I decided to share it with you.
The Chicago marathon is ranked #2 in terms of the number of marathon finishers 
(I don't know how recent the data is though so forgive me if that has changed)

Big races or small races...what do you prefer?

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