Thursday, November 26, 2015

However You Choose to Celebrate Today...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! (for all those who celebrate it) and Happy Thursday!!!!!! (for all those who don't). I'm off from work today so I'm having the best Thanksgiving/Thursday :)

A lot of my friends ran Turkey Trots this morning but I wanted to stay close to home so I started off the morning with a 10 mile run instead...

I didn't do anything profound during my run like spend it thinking about all the things I'm thankful for. It would have been fitting for the holiday I guess, but I was too busy trying to figure out what was happening with my ear buds and why I couldn't hear the podcast I was trying to listen to. 

Once I finished my run I video tapped my stride for a bit. I like to do that after I run because that's when I'm most likely to have poor horrible running form...
(need to work on my arm movement as well as my gait... but my gait is getting better)
So today (in addition to all the important stuff: family, friends, life, health, employment, food, Garmin watches etc.) I am also thankful that my running form is improving (albeit slightly). 

I'm thankful that I got to run in my Brooks shoes this morning and that I've been able to manage without wearing ankle braces...
(and that my compression pants took less than 8 minutes to get into...not much less, but it still counts as a blessing)

It was really dark when I started running and there was one neighbor that was wide awake and arguing with someone on the phone in front of his house. So I'm thankful that he doesn't live directly beside me (cause that would have woken up Kai and she is NOT a morning person), and I'm thankful that he wasn't a crazy axe murderer who decided to take out his vengeance on me... 
(at the end of my run... running towards the sunrise...kind of poetic right?)

I'm also thankful that my blisters were super tiny and not very painful at all!!!!! I've only implemented two parts of the "trifecta", but so far they are working :)

And now I'm going to spend the rest of the day turning this...
...into a three course meal  (which makes me thankful that I'm able to do that because today (like so many other days) there are people who can't afford to eat).

However you choose to celebrate today (or not) I hope it is amazing. And because gratitude deserves its place at the table every single day, I hope you will find something to be thankful for :)

How are you celebrating Thanksgiving (or Thursday)?

Did you do a Turkey Trot today?

If you could choose to run a race on any holiday (the actual day), which one would you choose?

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