Thursday, October 9, 2014

The not-so-good news, the Good News, and the GREAT NEWS!!!

The gym was loudly peaceful this morning. The music was blasting and blaring (in what seemed like an attempt to rival a South Beach night club) but there were only three other people there. Sometimes the music reaches the status of "great workout music" but today was.....different (I wonder who makes the music selection for their playlist?). I only paid attention to the music today because I forgot my headphones at home (so really I had no choice). Anyway I definitely expanded my musical genre horizons today. I will bring my headphones the next time for sure...

Today's workout was similar to Tuesday, minus the weights. I did the Captain's Chair (5 sets of 10), the Upright Bike (22 mins), and the Stair Climber (20 mins). I think my shoulders got a lot of pressure from doing the Captain's chair routine today (and Tuesday) and from my daily planks. I've had to ice my shoulder on and off all day today (the not-so-good news)...
I'm definitely doing something wrong if I'm getting shoulder pain so I'm going to switch to crunches/sit ups until the issue with my shoulder resolves. I'll still be targeting my core so I'm not too upset about bailing on postponing the plank challenge for now. I also iced my knee because I did the stair climber today and I want to make sure my knee is ready for tomorrow's scheduled run.

The Good News...
My pre-gym wall sit went well...
I definitely think my legs are getting stronger since they don't shake as much during the 5 minutes.

I finally passed my 2013 total mileage!!!
So even though there were more activities last year, I've been running longer distances this year (even with my injury and the time I had to take off)

And finally the GREAT NEWS ALERT!!!
My work trip in November got cancelled (well at least I no longer have to go) so do you know what that means??? Ft Lauderdale Half Marathon HERE I COME!!!

Are there any fitness gurus that know what I might be doing wrong with my planks and Captain's Chair routine? 
Or any suggestions for other core workout routines that might be "safer" for me?

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