Sunday, March 29, 2015

When It's Hard To Run...

I decided to run close to home this morning. I went to bed a lot later than I wanted to last night and needed extra hours of sleep. So by the time I got up I didn't want to waste any more great running weather driving to the beach. 

The temperature was ideal for running...
...but 57 is still "chilly" for me so I pulled on a long sleeve top and gloves.

The goal for this morning was to run anywhere between 6-8 miles. Secretly I was hoping I would feel great and be up to running 8. That didn't quite work out...

The first mile was a struggle. I didn't warm up as much as I should have (or any at all) so it took a while for my body to stop resisting the early morning physical activity...

I attempted to "run hard" but I wasn't able to go as fast or as far as I wanted to. I was, however, able to do negative splits. Negative splits always remind me that even when the run doesn't start off at the pace you want it to, you can still push yourself a little more every mile and end up finishing strong.

Pace per mile breakdown...

The morning sky backdrop for my run was gorgeous...

After my run (and the requisite post-run shower & change of clothes), I took Kai to a quaint little breakfast spot (the Bagel Palace) that I discovered a few weeks ago. Kai pointed out this sign while we were waiting for our food...
I know a few people that "exercise" all the time ;)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you might as well make it yummy...
(They have really great French Toast)

After breakfast we met up with my friends from work and headed to the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami so I could take Kai to see her very first Broadway show: WICKED!!!!!!

**Disclaimer** I've seen Wicked before; I have the Wicked soundtrack on my playlist (and yes I know all the songs); I've read the book (and all the follow up novels written by Gregory Maguire). So I think it's safe to say I'm a huge fan (but I do stop short at wearing a costume to the show. I am not going to do that. Ever.)

I'm just excited that:
1. I'm getting to take Kai to see her first Broward show
2. Her first show is one of the best Broadway shows ever!
3. I convinced her to take a selfie with me...

After Wicked we went to eat at the Grand Luxe Cafe in Aventura...
(The food was really good. Their bread pudding dessert was really amazing!!!)

Tomorrow is my "rest/yoga" day but I think I might mix it up a bit and do some of the exercises I used to do in physical therapy. My left hip has been bothering me so I'm going to try and do some hip strengthening (which hopefully will help). Tomorrow also marks the beginning of the Track season for Kai and she has her track tryouts after school. Keep your fingers crossed for her :)

How was your weekend? Anything fun or exciting happened?

Have you ever seen Wicked? What did you think?

What's your all time favorite Broadway show?

How often do you have negative splits on your long runs?


  1. I have only seen one Broadway show, actually on Broadway. I really need to see more! It was the Boy from Oz with Hugh Jackman. I'm a huge fan of his, so I was excited to see him live. :) I've actually never seen Wicked, but it's on my list of shows I'd like to see.

    This past weekend was a run and cross-training workout-wise. Other than that, I went to church and just got some errands done. Was nice to have a weekend with not much going on as I've had some recently busy weekends.

    And, that French Toast looks great! Yum!

    1. I've never seen the Boy from Oz, I'm going to check it out :)
      Wicked was the first Broadway show I saw a few years ago. Since then I've been to a few more. The last one (prior to this weekend) was Motown which was pretty good :)
      Glad you were able to have a less stressful weekend. We need those from time to time ;)


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