Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Trifecta and The Old Days...

I've been nursing blisters ever since my 15 mile run on Saturday...

I joined up with a local Friends-In-Training running group and ran with the 3:1 interval runners for the first half of the run and then ran the rest (along their mapped out route) by myself. It was great to join up with them because they have designated water stations which means I don't have to run with a lot of water. The pace wasn't as fast as I would like though so I know I need to pick it up on my upcoming long runs.

During the 15 miles I ended up with blisters on my feet, including the bottom of my toes (which is as painful as it sounds)...

(this is one of the seven blisters I got during my run)

I've tried just about everything when it comes to blister prevention:
1. Padded socks (thorlos)
2. Dri fit socks
3. Wearing two pairs of socks
4. Moleskin
5. Vaseline
6. Regular band aids
7. Blister band aids
8. Gel caps (for my toes)
9. Cotton balls under gel caps
10. Changing shoes

There might be more interventions that I'm forgetting right now but as you can see I've tried a variety of things. Most of them haven't worked well. Or they worked for a period of time and then eventually didn't. But after getting some feedback from one of my favorite runners I'm going to try something new. It's what I'm affectionately (and optimistically) calling the "Anti-Blister Trifecta":

1. A ton of this...


2. These...


3. And also these...
Hopefully the trifecta will work and blisters will be a thing of the past for me. The biggest issue with getting blisters (I mean apart from the obvious pain) is that I end up landing differently when I run with them. I already struggle with my running form, I really don't need/want anything else to make that worse.

This morning my blisters were healed enough for me to run again...
(a nice 5 mile run, but still slower than I'd like to be)

I'm finally starting to feel the Fall weather and decreased humidity that I've come to love about this time of the year... right in time for the holidays...
(some of my neighbors already have their Christmas lights up)

I'm still on the fence regarding the Miami marathon (i.e. I'm not sure which distance I'm going to run yet) but I'm training as though I'm running the full. I want to have options, but I won't do it unless I feel ready for it. Feeling ready for it means I need to focus on my cross and strength training as much as I am on my running. Back in the good old days I was in the gym working out every day that wasn't a designated running day. But...
Anyway I'm trying. Well ok, to be fair, I haven't really been trying as hard as I should be and that's mostly because I've been lazy...
 source unknown
But I'm really going to try harder. Starting tomorrow. 

What are you currently training for?

Have you put up any holiday decorations yet?

Do you have any anti-blister tips?


  1. I never had a serious problem with blisters until my I finished my first half marathon, and noticed a blister the size of Australia on the bottom of my foot. Ouch! I never thought about lubing up my feet before running, but now I know that it's a must! I'm not training for any races at the moment, but I am working on recovery and strength training.

  2. I'm really hoping my "trifecta" plan will work. Glad you found that lubing works for you. How long is your recovery and strength training plan going to be? Any races in the distant future?


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