Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Long Day of Travel...

(please forgive typos and other weirdness excessive weirdness cause I'm posting from my phone)

It's been a looooong day. Our flight out of FLL was delayed (really delayed) which meant we landed in ATL just as our connecting flight was pushing back from the gate. So literally, as we were taxiing to our gate, we started searching for alternatives. Delta had rebooked us on a flight leaving ATL after 8pm (we landed shortly after 2pm) but the thought of having a 6+ hour layover was daunting. So we decided to rebook on a flight leaving around 3pm with a stop in LGA (for about 2.5 hours) and then on to STL for an 8:30pm arrival time. Not ideal but certainly better than hanging out at ATL for 6 hours (even if they have the coolest ceiling art)...

While we waited for the flight out of ATL to start boarding (it was also delayed... surprise surprise) we got a quick bite to eat and I went snack shopping...

The ATL to LGA flight was going well until we hit a really bad patch of turbulence that sent my motion sickness into overdrive. And then once we landed (safely thankfully) we found out that our connecting flight was delayed by three hours...
So once again we were faced with a change to our travel plans. Sigh.

With over three hours to kill we decided to get something to eat...

The delay changed all of the plans for the day, but I'm so glad I ran in the morning before all my travel started!

I hope you're having a less eventful day than I am!

What's your favorite airline to travel on? (mine is NOT Delta 😐)

What's the maximum number of layovers you can put up with during a day of travel? (I usually max out at 2)

What airport has the best food/restaurants?


  1. Wow! That was a day to test your running streak lol! I like to fly Jet Blue.

    1. I recently signed up for JetBlue's reward program! I like them too!!!


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