Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday's Things...

It's been a busy week with travel, conference lectures and poster presentations etc...

And even though it's been busy (and I decided not to continue the blog streak), I still feel like I'm posting less than I should be. However, in the unlikely event that I even remotely decided not to worry about my lack of posts, Facebook decided to remind me that my slacking off was noticeable...

Despite my lack of posts & updates (and my busy week) I'm still keeping up with my running streak...

And I'll have a few more days of St. Louis running before I head back to FL; during which I'll be spending my non-running time hanging out with the co-founder of my new Chicago Coalition (both Jane and I are trying to find a way to go back to Chicago)...

How was your week?

What's your favorite US city to visit? To live in?

Do you love/hate your Facebook notifications?


  1. That is so funny about FB! I don't think I follow you on there so I'll have to check.

    My fave city is NYC.

    I was supposed to long run today but last night and today I had absolutely zero desire to run so I'm giving myself a break today and hope this doesn't become a bad thing.

    1. Giving yourself a break is a good idea. Sometimes that's what your body needs. Will you do the long run tomorrow or just skip it altogether?


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