Saturday, November 1, 2014

10 Day YOU Challenge: #9 - SECRETS

Today's post is a continuation of the 10 Day (week?) YOU Challenge and I will be sharing my deepest....darkest....secrets. I'm kidding! You'll get a few "secrets" but mostly it's information that you may or may not know about me...

#1 I love overtly romantic gestures:
Yes, including flash mob marriage proposals and perfectly planned date nights with all my favorite things. The gestures don't always have to be big and glamorous...sometimes the most romantic moments are found in little acts of kindness and consideration.

#2 I'm not an animal lover:
I don't even like pet fish. I have to admit that at times I find puppy and kitten pictures cute but they still don't sway me. Not even slightly. There was a period of time that I considered getting a teacup puppy (because they really are cute), but then I heard they are very expensive, and have a lot of health problems, and I really don't need that kind of stress so I got over it relatively quickly.

#3 I'm very shy:
My friends would probably disagree with that statement, but until I get to know you and feel 100% comfortable, I tend to sit/stand back and observe others. Even though I'm shy it's easy to read my emotions. You can easily tell if I'm happy or sad or any emotion on the spectrum. Life is too short to mask how you feel.

#4 I play with my hair when I'm nervous or lost in thought:
Which happens often (getting lost in thought). I think it stems from needing something to do with my fingers and so I keep them busy by twirling my hair, smoothing my hair etc. It's a nervous habit.

#5 I get pre-run jitters:
Every time. Even before training runs. It has gotten worse since my injury and I think that subconsciously I'm just afraid of getting hurt. Hopefully I'll get over that soon.

#6 I love country music:
It's not the only music genre that I love but it is one of my favorites. I have a large selection of country music on my playlist and have specific favorites that I tend to listen to over and over again.

#7 I get lost easily and have a surprisingly poor sense of direction:
I do have a few random moments when I am able to figure out where to go and even fewer when I can give someone directions. But those are very few.

#8 I hate shopping:
I've never been a big shopping person. Mainly because walking up and down in the mall looking for something just seems more frustrating than anything else. Also, after a while my lower back starts to hurt me (even when I'm wearing comfortable shoes with good arch support).

#9 I'm very impatient:
Ok that's probably not a secret. It isn't as though I'm incapable of being patient but rather that I have a lower threshold than most people.

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