Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The eve of Thanksgiving Eve "aka" the day when your office has their Thanksgiving Lunch...

I knew today would be filled with food so naturally I was excited when I woke up...

I did my workout this morning before work:
Sit-up challenge (5 sets of 25)
Leg raises (5 sets of 10)
Wall sit (3 mins)...
I'm getting better at sticking with my new cross training schedule!

In general I'm not a big "Thanksgiving person". I think everyone has their favorite holiday and since I didn't grow up celebrating Thanksgiving it's just another day for me. However, I am thankful that other people celebrate it because that pretty much means: great food, great company, and very little work gets done only "essential" work gets done.

The morning started off great with a special coffee purchased for me by my friend Jennifer (my favorite Research Pharmacist)...

And then, because I knew the afternoon would be nothing but festivities, I settled in to do as much work as possible (see? I can still be productive even when I dream about turkey). I got through half of my to-do list when the moving guys came to change the furniture in my office (no...I didn't know that was happening today). They seemed a bit annoyed that nothing was packed up or cleared out of my office and were oblivious to my concern that my place in the buffet food line was now going to rank in the double digits. Luckily I'm very motivated by food and I cleared out my office (with the help of Candace) in 15 minutes...and by "cleared out" I mean I made a path (which I'll figure out how to rearrange tomorrow).

I made it to lunch ontime AND I was first in line! Everyone was acting "shy" and no one wanted to start so I decided (you know, as a public service) to relieve everyone of the burden of being the first one to uncover the containers and dig in (I do what I can for humanity. You're welcome).

The lunch was great! I only had a small amount because I had another lunch to go to and I didn't want to feel too stuffed (first world problems).
A pic of the Trauma team (one half of my "work family") eating lunch and making Thanksgiving speeches...

I didn't take any pics at lunch #2 (with the other half of my "work family") because I was so busy socializing. But the food looked great (I sampled one or two items but I didn't eat again...my attempt at not getting stuffed at lunch #1 was unsuccessful).

I got this timely message in the middle of my food fest today...
In a rare moment of inspiration I wrote this today...

Does your "work family" have a Thanksgiving lunch?
What's your favorite holiday?


  1. My office has it's Thanksgiving "all hands" Luncheon the Friday before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I missed it this year. BOOO! Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday because it is focused on family/friends and enjoying time with them.

  2. I'm so sorry you missed it! Especially since this is your favorite holiday :) My favorite is Christmas cause that's when my family does the whole "get everyone together" thing and I get to go home to Jamaica where I grew up. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!!


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