Sunday, June 14, 2015

6 + 10 = Wishful Thinking?

I split up my long run this weekend, but only because I had to, not because I wanted to. On Saturday I ran a little over 6 miles...

And this morning I ran 10 miles...
For a grand total of 16 miles!

The goal was to run the full 16 miles on Saturday but the humidity was (once again) out of control. I have to be honest, I spent most of Saturday feeling sorry for myself. I came face-to-face with the realization that there is a really good possibility I won't be able to complete the training plan I created for the Chicago Marathon. Training during the summer really really really sucks and running when it's this humid is really really really hard...

***I have to give a lot of love to my Instagram feed {those I follow and those who follow me} because over the past few days I've seen so many motivational posts and received so many encouraging comments. I normally just post my runs (@thisismyfaster) and a few of the quotes I get from Mileposts, but so many people go out of their way to encourage others. It's truly awesome!***   

I was soaking wet at the end of both of my weekend runs. On Saturday it was only because of the humidity. But today the torrential rain that started around mile 7 had a lot to do with it. Even the sweat activated message on my running tank drowned in the rain (and was subsequently barely visible)...

I was seriously contemplating quitting my job and relocating to a "cooler" state for the Summer (but I have student loans and other such expenses so I quickly recognized the flaws in that plan).

I've been trying to incorporate the StairMaster into my routine to help "add" some mileage (similar to the way some runners start their runs on the road and finish on the treadmill when it gets too hot). But unless I increase the level (speed) on the StairMaster it's not going to do me much good... well, maybe a little good but not a lot.

I'm coming to terms with the fact that training is not going to be great, but I'm going to keep at because (as seen on my IG feed)...
and I refuse to fail!

And also because the money for registration, flights and hotel have already been paid. I'm moving forward with the understanding that, until the temperatures cool down, running will probably not bring me the usual joy it has in the past. Not only will it mean starting earlier in the day (although on Saturday I started at 4 am and it was still horrible), but also that I may have to incorporate a lot of "split my long runs" sessions into my training plan...or find a way to incorporate the StairMaster mileage in a manner than improves my overall leg strength and muscle building. It also means swimming more. ALOT MORE. Because swimming (when done at the right speed) will help with my endurance building without the impact and unnecessary exposure to humidity extremes.

The rest of my Saturday (a part from the hours spent feeling sorry for myself) was uneventful so I was determined to at least do something semi-productive today. After my run (and a few hours of rest with simultaneous Netflix binge watching) I took Kai to the movies to see Jurassic World (great movie! you should definitely go and watch it if you haven't already).

Have you seen Jurassic World? 

What's your favorite motivational quote from your IG feed (if you have one) from this past week; and who was it from?

Are you a fan of splitting your long runs? Why or why not?


  1. I'm new to running (just started in March) but it's just thinking today that summer running seems like it's just not going to work! I'm not sure where you're at.. I'm in central Florida and I am not doing well with trying to run in the humidity. This year I will push through because I am new and really want to run some big races this fall, but next year I may have to tone it down! The most I've done so far is 5 miles but I am definitely seeing where splitting up long runs might be a necessity! Your 16 miles is amazing!!!! I hope to be able to do that one day.

    I saw Jurassic World yesterday and really liked it! Did everyone in your theater applause at the end??

    1. Hey Jenny! Thanks so much and Welcome to the running community!!!!!! Yes, running in the summer sucks :( I'm in S. FL and it's ridiculous down here. I'm only sticking with the longer mileage because of the fall marathon but I'm definitely going to focus on Spring marathons in the future (at least for the next few years that I am living in FL)
      Yup we had the applause at the end of the movie in the theater today :)

    2. Thanks for the welcome!! Yes, now I realize why there aren't many races at all in the summer, LOL. (Although even fall races require summer training!)

    3. Yeah I'm going to be focusing on Winter and Spring races for a while and take a summer break to strength train. I'm still hoping to run Athens in 2016 (which will only happen if I can get through the training this Summer for Chicago)
      Good luck with the running. I'm following your journey on your blog :)


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