Friday, June 5, 2015

A Powerful Metaphor...

This morning's run was such a struggle for me. And I struggled through it until I finally decided that the run was not going to get any better. At some point you have to make the decision to stop. Even when you start with the best intentions, sometimes running sucks. 
Once I got to 30 minutes I decided enough was enough...

There wasn't supposed to be anything unique or special about the run this morning, but it turned out to be a powerful metaphor for my day. 

Sunday will be better...
I hope you had a better run than I did, and a much better day than I did :)

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Oh I had such a crappy sluggish run on Thursday. :( I wasn't even sure what to attribute it to and it was only 3 miles! I decided that I definitely needed to take friday off and I did. I hope my run today goes even better and the same to you! :)

    1. How was your Saturday run? I hope it was better than Thursday! I've been having a crappy week of running too :( but trying to to get discouraged

  2. This week was filled with tough runs both mentally and physically for me, so I can relate. I always tell myself that running can't always be easy and sometimes we have bad days/weeks, and this week was one of them. But there is always a silver lining. And you are destined to have a good run again soon! Hope it has gotten better for you!!!

    1. Thanks Annette! I'm trying to focus on your silver lining suggestion (especially after the weekend I've had). Next week will hopefully bring better runs and better days for both of us :)


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