Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Palindromes & Pep Talks {Part 2}

No, it is open on one position

There are multiple ways to approach marathon training but only one will get you to the finish line successfully. You have to be adamant, stubborn even, in your position that you are going to succeed (no matter what), and that should be the only mindset that you are open to.

What will vary for all of us is the definition of "success"

What success is for me...
1. Being the best version of myself
2. Enjoying and celebrating all the things I'm able to accomplish (no matter how small)
3. Staying determined and focused throughout my training (no matter what)

I know that over time the things I battle with or struggle with will get better. Today I was updating a friend on my current training plan and lamenting about not being able to finish my 16 mile run on Sunday. I was reminded that there was a time when 11 miles was the goal. There was a time when I couldn't even fathom completing that distance. Now 11 miles is a "DNF" long run for me!

In any event there multiple mindsets regarding training (and life); you just have to choose the one that will bring the definition of success that you desire.

Today's successes:
1. I did a 5K run this morning...

2. Made a healthy omelette for breakfast (with accompanying mango smoothie)...

3. Worked out on the Stairclimber for one hour at the gym...

Three "successes" isn't bad for a Wednesday right?

How was your Wednesday?

What made this day "successful" for you? 

Do you prefer the treadmill, upright/recumbent bike, or stairclimber for cardio cross training?

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