Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Updates, Reminders & Favorite Things...

Ok guys, if you signed up for the ZOOMA Run Love Virtual Challenge here are the training plans:

5K plan starting on Jan 4th 2016...
10K plan starting on Jan 4th 2016...
If you haven't signed up (but want to) you can register HERE.


I'm officially registered for Ragnar Chicago!!!!!

I don't actually start training for now because the race isn't until June next year, and I have at least 5 races before that (including Swim Miami in April). But I'm planning on using the Ragnar training plan to help me prepare once I get started...

My focus will be a little different because the plan is structured around a running duration not a particular distance. And there are four running days per week (I usually only run 3 times a week). But it starts out with conservative durations so I think I'll be able to stick with it. I may actually increase the running durations because my pace is a lot slower than most, so the distance that the average runner can cover in 20 minutes would take me 25-30 minutes to complete (and that's on a good day!). 


I don't have any other races scheduled for 2015 but I'm thinking about signing up for a Christmas Eve training run with Runner's Depot...

Donations of new unwrapped toys are being collected and the first 250 individuals to register and bring a toy get a Brooks tech tee. I've heard that it's a fun training run so I'm excited about it!

I was tagged by Tamieka at to participate in a 12 Days of Christmas Blogging challenge...

So the challenge is flexible and allows me to start anytime in December (I'm going to start today) and I'm being asked to tag three other bloggers every time I do a Challenge post. 

For Day 1 I'm tagging: KristinaKris; & Heather (these are the blogs that I read the most)

I don't blog everyday but I'm going to try and stick with it as best as I can. Ok here goes...

Day 1 - List your favorite things about Christmas:
1. Going home 
2. Spending time with the people I love
3. Christmas morning church service
4. Cooking Christmas dinner with my Mom and sisters
5. Seeing how excited Kai still gets about opening presents
6. How excited I still get when I open presents ;)
7. Egg nog (sadly I can only have the soy based egg nog... sigh, it just isn't the same)
8. That one party
9. Running at home 

Last year (on Boxing Day) was the first time I ran at home since I started my running journey. Training over the holidays started with a whirlwind of activity and I think I did something every day while I was at home (or at least most days). I'm trying to bribe coordinate with family and friends to do a lot of training stuff this year too, especially with Miami on the horizon. Christmas is also a pretty emotional time of year for me (does anyone else get emotional around the holidays?) so I have lots of "favorite" things about Christmas but I also cry at least once. 

{At this point any of my family members and close friends reading this blog post are probably thinking "Once? Really?" LOL. But to be fair I said at least once}

What are some of your favorite things about Christmas?

Does your training increase or decrease over the holidays?

Are you doing any ZOOMA or Ragnar races in 2016?


  1. I love all of this! I'm thinking about signing up for the Zooma RunLove Challenge, but I'm still testing out my post-injury running situation so I'm not sure. Thanks for posting the training plans though, they definitely look like something I could handle!

    1. Let me know if you decide to do it! even walking the 5K might be an option :)

  2. "6. How excited I still get when I open presents ;)"

    YES! hahaha

    I am going to try and participate, thanks for tagging me!

    1. LOl Yup! I'm just like a kid when it comes to presents :) Hope you can join in even if only for a few days :)

  3. Whooo hooo! Yeah Love Run!!

    the training plans seem like good ones.

    Yeah Ragnar! I did the DC one this past October.....such an awesome experience!!!

    So jealous you are going to Jamaica for the holidays! It has been too long since I have gone for sure.

    Christmas is an emotional time for me too but i actually don't know why-lol!


    1. Was the DC one your first Ragnar? I really can't wait!


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