Sunday, December 13, 2015

What Scares You Makes You Stronger...

I've been hesitant to talk about my training recently because I've gotten a lot of "words of caution" from family and friends. And I get it (no one wants to see me injured again). And I appreciate it (even when I roll my eyes and sigh loudly). But I guess I'm already overwhelmed with my own insecurities about whether or not I can accomplish my running goals, so I don't really want to hear anyone voice these same concerns out loud. That being said, I really do get it and I really do appreciate it, but...

This morning I did my 18 miler. I signed up for the Weston half marathon earlier this week to take advantage of the closed route and water stops. So essentially I did the half as part of the 18 mile training run. I got to the start really early and parked in the volunteers parking spot (mainly because there were more people in that area but also because I couldn't figure out where the runners were supposed to park). My plan was to do 5 miles before the race and then complete the 13.1+ miles for the half.

First 5 miles...

Weston 1/2 marathon miles...

So it ended up being a little over 18 miles...

The route was nice. Not "scenic" per se but it was still a nice course. And the weather was pretty nice as well. The humidity level was under control and the temperature started out in the mid-high 70s. With overcast skies and the occasional light rain it didn't feel like it got much hotter than that (although it probably did). The volunteers at the water stations were amazing and enthusiastic! They were full of encouraging words and really seemed like they wanted to be there; it was nice to see (and hear!).

I ran the majority of the half marathon with my friend Jan. We stuck together for the first 10 miles or so and then I went ahead because honestly I just wanted to finish so I could get off my feet as quickly as possible. Heading into the finish I saw my friend Debi who cheered me on (it's always great to get those extra cheers towards the end). 

Post race pic:

Finisher medal:


Overall my training for this week has been ok. Not enough cross training. Actually no cross training (the struggle is real), but my running days have been ok...

So I've done all the races I'm going to do for 2015. My goal was 15 races for 2015 and I did it!!!!

Next year I doubt I will run (or swim) this many events, but you never know ;)

How was your running/training for 2015?

Did you accomplish all your race goals for this year?

What is your ultimate running goal/dream?


  1. Congrats on 15 in 2015 and a really strong training run! I've wondered what the races in Weston were like. Was the course mostly through residential areas?

  2. Thanks! The Weston course is residential. Quiet with minimal traffic. A lot of aid stations along the way. The post race party looked like it was going to be fun (I didn't stay for it but it certainly appeared that way). You should definitely try it next year :)

  3. Way to go!!!

    Nice way to get an 18 miler in while running half!

    Congrats on getting 15 in 15! I got 14 in 15 an still can't believe it!

    The cross training struggle is real-right!!
    My plan for the off season is to really work on strength training...we will see how it goes.


    1. Thanks! I need to increase my strength training too. Scratch that, I need to START strength training ;)

  4. I tagged you in a holiday challenge on my blog :)


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