Thursday, December 31, 2015

The End of an Era...

There is something soothing about the early morning. You know...that brief period between "This is a ridiculous hour to be awake" and "Ugh! Why are there so many people on the road?!" Early in the morning has always been my favorite time to run, and my absolute favorite time to swim. When I woke up at the "ridiculous" hour this morning I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to get out of bed; but...
(Speedo was right)

Today I swam approximately 1.25 miles...

Which was not bad considering the 1 mile swim I did yesterday...

I was definitely a little slower today though... 
and I'm still having a hard time with my goggles fogging up so every 50-100 meters I had to stop and wipe them and then readjust them on my face (very annoying). I'm going to have to find a permanent solution before Swim Miami in April because I refuse to have another goggles debacle (I learnt my lesson the last time). 

So I'm ending 2015 with a swim instead of a run, but I'm still in "injury prevention" mode so I'm not bummed only slightly bummed that I wasn't able to run today. This year has been an incredible year for a lot of reasons. It was the start of some things, the end of others, and the accomplishment of some pretty amazing goals:

~ I ran my first full marathon
~ I completed my first 1 mile open water swim
~ I ran races in 2 different countries
~ I ran races in 3 different states
~ I ran 7 half marathons
~ I completed a total of 15 different events (14 running; 1 swimming)
~ I ran 742 miles!

It really was a great year. I'm actually kind of sad because it seems like the end of an era. This one year was home to so much triumph and just as much tragedy. It was epic and amazing in some ways and undeniably heart breaking in others. So while I'm sad to close this chapter, I'm finally ready to say goodbye to 2015. 

I can't wait to see what 2016 will bring! I already started my Wish List:
1. Cooler weather
2. No injuries 
(... wait, maybe I should start over...)
My 2016 Wish List:
2. Strengthen my core
3. 10 min/mile pace
4. No injuries
5. Run a minimum of 5 miles non-stop
6. Get back to my 1 mile run: 1 min (or less) walk intervals for long runs (greater than 10K)
7. Strengthen my core and legs... & core & upper body & core & legs (... and core)
8. NO Injuries
9. Run more miles than I did in 2015
10. Get a half marathon PR (sub 2:26:40)
11. Improve my freestyle stroke in swimming 
12. Swim a 5K
13. Cooler weather
14. Improve my running form, gait & cadence
15. Run a sub 30 min 5K
16. NO INJURIES!!!!!!!!!!
(There is a pretty consistent theme throughout ;) ). 

What's on your 2016 wish list?

Did you accomplish all your 2015 goals?

What is your favorite moment/memory/goal from 2015?


  1. Hahaha I think No Injuries should be its own list for every runner! Congrats on a great year!


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