Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This way of life...

Marathon training is intense (if you disagree you've clearly never trained for one). Whether you were born to run or became a runner later in life, once your marathon training starts your perspective on life changes (so does your free time and your disposable income). Let's face it, training for a marathon is pretty much a new way of life.

John Parker wrote "this way of life takes effort, determination, conviction but mostly it takes will. It takes a conscious decision to follow one difficult uphill path, and the will to stay with it and not waver, to not give up" - Again to Carthage

It is that determination and commitment that allows you to wake up early on the weekend to ensure you complete your scheduled long run. After all who wouldn't rather sleep in on their days off? Only those (dare I say) "crazy enough" to find joy in running mileage that requires more than one numeral look forward to their "long run" days. We know that luck won't get us to the finish line. But whether it takes us 3 hours to reach it or 6, we know that once we cross it the feeling of accomplishment is indescribable (at least I assume that's how I will feel once I get there).

Check out this video... it may bring back memories for all you marathon finishers out there...

And remember...

What are the 3 biggest things that changed once you started your marathon (1/2, 10K, 5K) training?

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