Monday, February 9, 2015

Seven Signs of Insanity...

Today is usually my rest/yoga day, but that went out the window once I stopped my LR 2 miles short of my distance goal on Sunday morning. So, what does a "logical" runner decide to do to make up for the 2 mile deficit? She runs double the deficit distance the following day! {Sign of Insanity #1}

I skipped out on any early morning workout sessions because I made plans to run with a friend of mine in the evening. I'm really not an evening runner because so many factors impact your performance when you run later in the day. But, I tried to hydrate as much as possible and eat properly so that the run would be bearable. Lunch comprised of: Chicken, steamed broccoli, a garden salad, and a scoop of potato salad. It was OK...
The only thing that made lunch time great was being able to eat with one of my running friends and get more great tips on how to improve my speed and performance :) I love when my friends share their running knowledge with me. It's one thing to read articles in magazines or research stuff online...that's great; but learning running tips from my friends is priceless!

By the time I got home after work I was tired and a bit put off by the rain. A part of me wanted to cancel my run. Ok all of me wanted to cancel, but I had already asked my friend Mary to wait for me to pick up Kai from her volleyball game (her team won!!!). And since Mary was willing to wait on me (and she laughs at my attempts to get out of running in the rain) I figured what's the worst that could happen? {Sign of Insanity #2}...

The rain cleared up for a bit but then started back again less than a mile into the run. It was a light drizzle at first (so we get a little wet, no big deal right?). I decided I would just avoid the water puddles so my socks don't get too soaked. One might even say it's refreshing to run in the rain. One might... as in only one person would say that {Sign of Insanity #3}

By mile 2 the rain was heavier and by mile 3 it was a torrential downpour of water pellets careening towards our bodies. My visibility was poor. I felt like the rain pellets were attacking my eyes. I gave up my premature concern for water puddles since somehow my shoes felt like they were full of water anyway. It was a mess. But did we stop to wait for the rain to ease up? No, of course not... we kept on running anyway {Sign of Insanity #4}...

I think true insanity reaches a climax at some point. I mean we all do crazy things, but when you are in the midst of a crazy activity, and you have an epiphany that what you're doing is crazy, and you still do it anyway? Yea....that's your insanity climax. For Mary and I, this happened at mile 3.5 when the nearby school's Storm Warning System started to alarm. Yup, the very same system that's installed to keep our kids safe inside when the inclement weather conditions are not safe for outside play! So, we heard it, looked at each other, laughed (not a crazy cackle laugh, just a regular "we have lost our minds" laugh) and KEPT RUNNING ANYWAY {Sign of Insanity #5}.

When we got back to our cars my watch registered 4.47 miles. Can anyone anticipate what an OCD runner does when her watch registers 4.47 miles? Yes....she runs until it reaches 4.5 miles because her run has to end at a distance that makes sense! So I made Mary run in the parking lot with me until my Garmin gave me the 4.5 mile "ok to stop" alert {Sign of Insanity #6}

In order to end the run together on the "right foot" Mary and I needed to take a picture together (you know, as proof we were actually brave crazy enough to do this) so we tried to find a spot to set up my phone to take a picture. When that didn't work out as planned we thought (like all rational people do) that we would just wait outside the building we parked at until someone came out so we could ask them to take a picture of us {Sign of Insanity #7}...

At the end of the day, and the end of the run, I had a great time. I didn't melt in the rain (surprise surprise) and my stomach felt ok after. I ran without my brace, and although my knee hurt initially, I managed to pull through.

My Garmin Run Summary (and other fun stats)...

What's the worst weather you've ever run in?

What's the best way to dry your sneakers after they get soaking wet?


  1. I think heavy snowfall is the worst weather I have ever ran in. It get's so slippery and you can hardly see what is in front of you, you don't get soaking wet though which is nice :).

    1. Have you every run with those spike things that you put on your sneakers? I looked into getting some when I was planning for a work trip ton Chicago late last year (I ended up not going so I never got to try them though). Being soaked sucks but it isn't slippery. I would definitely fall if I ran in the snow :(

  2. The rain last night was CRAZY! I was like, "do I finish my run and risk slipping and breaking both ankles, or do I walk it home and risk getting hit by lighting?" One of life's greatest questions for a runner. Of course I just finished the run ;)

    That refund on calories graphic is hilarious!!!!! Yes to that!

    1. Yea it was pretty insane. What's even more insane is that I would do it again ;)
      Hope your training is going well!

  3. Great job getting that run in the rain! Stuff your shoes with newspaper to dry :)

    1. Thanks!!!! :) Definitely will try the newspaper trick if I ever do this craziness again ;)


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