Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday's randomness

Guess what's back on my training schedule??? My Chi Running class (woohoo!!!)
I got an email from the Chi Running Coach today and he told me about an upcoming class nearby that starts in a couple of months! The timing is going to be perfect because the weather will still be cooler than our normal South Florida Summer Heat Stroke temperatures; and it will be right before I start to ramp up my mileage for my full marathon training (win-win!).

The workout bug has bitten a few of my co-workers and many of them have started to run. Today, one of the newer runners in the department told me about the team she started for an upcoming nighttime Color Run...

So, of course, my first question was "will I get a medal?" Basically the answer is no... (I'm not sure what to do with that information)
I know a couple of people who have done color runs before and they all seem to have enjoyed it. The nighttime run has the added dimension of "glowing in the dark" (which is always the best way to glow right?) However, it is the night before Kai's birthday so as long as she wants to do it (and it doesn't conflict with any other April trips), I will probably sign us up for it. This is definitely one event that I will add to my "15 new things for 2015" list! 

I have really exciting news about a giveaway one of my fellow bloggers is doing!!! Between a busy work schedule and well, the rest of your life, sometimes it's hard to find really great tasting, healthy recipes that meet the dietary needs/desires/restrictions of your family. Well, Jeanette at, as part of her "Pay It Forward" campaign, is giving away a Yum Universe Cookbook on her blog! Just click on the link above and follow the instructions to enter...
You can enter throughout the rest of this week and one lucky winner will be picked next week! Don't forget to check out the blog and enter to win; and/or "pay it forward" by passing along the link and Giveaway information to your family and friends; and remember to perform one random act of kindness this week ;)

Have you ever done a Color Run? How was it? Does all that colored powder get in your eyes and nose???

How important is a finisher medal to you when you sign up for races? Does it depend on the distance? {I might be able to deal with no medal for a 5K, but any distance beyond that needs to come with some bling!}

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