Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Year Of The Full: Chapter 10- THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!

There are no more long countdowns to go. In fact, after today the # of days until Chicago drops into the single digits. The time has come and I'm in full celebration mode...
(you can probably tell I'm going through a range of emotions by the number of exclamation points in the blog post title and the lack of any so far in this post...and by the .gif above ^^^). 

I'm getting excited it's just that my excitement also seems to be coming with a lot of nervousness ...and some nausea. But I'm going to do it, and I'm going to finish it, and I'm going to try and not die during the process...

Physically I'm not ready, but the body can withstand a lot so really for the rest of my countdown days I'll be focused on mental preparation...
And with the help of my Motigo app...

I will hopefully have a lot of cheers to keep me motivated for 26.2 miles...
or you know..two will work just fine ;)

Have you ever tried the Motigo app?

How did you feel before your first full marathon? Nervous? Excited? Both???


  1. How exciting for you! There's nothing like your first 26.2, you will forever remember it, especially that finish line. The moment you cross it, you will become a marathoner! :)
    Trust your training and take in every moment of your marathon day. Have a great race!

  2. Good luck with your marathon!! I'm sure it will be an amazing experience.


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