Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ten Days To Go & Trying to Stay Motivated...

My Sarasota Half Marathon Relay is coming up in 10 days!!! and this is the medal I can look forward to...
(I pretty right?!)

It hasn't really been a great training week. Actually the past few weeks haven't been great. I've tried to run a few times and I swam a few times, but mostly I've been doing strength training. I'm learning how to squat. It's a struggle and I'm not that great at it (you know how the whole "try not to fall over with the 45lb weight bar" thing can be a challenge). I hope I get better though because I don't want my trainer to think he's wasting his time, and the strength training is supposed to help me stay injury-free. That's the goal at least.

This morning was a swimming day...

I swam for one mile and then did two more 100m sets...

Strength training and swimming are great but I really need to do more running as I gear up for Sarasota. It's a relay so I'm really only running 7 miles, which isn't so bad. But I only ran 1 mile yesterday...

And the last time I ran before that was a 5K on Sunday...

My goal is to run again tomorrow (a 5k - 5miles) and try and run 7 miles on Sunday. Then I can spend race week running 5 miles or so to keep my legs ready. It all sounds like a great plan but then the training days come around and I can't find the motivation to run :(

I go through these periods of not feeling like training often so I know it will pass (just like all the others have), but I still get frustrated by them. Not enough to actually train when I should though... somehow the frustration only happens after I miss a training session (go figure).

Anyway, like I said, I know this feeling will pass. In the meantime I'm going to focus on strength training and swimming, and staying busy with work and life obligations and distractions. 

How do you stay motivated (or return to feeling motivated) when going through a training slump?

Have you ever done a half-marathon/marathon relay?

Squats for strength training -  Yay or Nay?


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    1. I know right?????!!!!! I'm so excited about them :)

  2. Wow, the medal is so pretty this year! Last year's was pretty but actually a little big for my taste. This one looks much almost makes me sorry that I'm boycotting the race because it's always so hot in late March!

    1. Yea last year's own was really big...the 10th year anniversary one. This year it's back to "normal" size ;)
      I'm sorry you're boycotting :( Are you taking the rest of the season off or just doing shorter distances?


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